How to export a SupportAssist Log Collection from SupportAssist Enterprise? Connected or Disconnected

How to export a SupportAssist Log Collection from SupportAssist Enterprise? Connected or Disconnected

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This article explains how to export a SupportAssist Collection, including the Operating System, Application Data, and the RAID controller log of Dell PowerEdge servers of generation from 9 to 13.

  1. Installation of SupportAssist Enterprise
  2. How to provide a SupportAssist Log to the Dell Technical Support ?
  3. Technical issues


SupportAssist Enterprise (SAE) has to be installed on the local or on a remote server. If SupportAssist Enterprise is installed on a remote server, the monitored server has to be added in the console. 12G to 14G servers can directly be added in the console via the iDRAC IP address. 11G servers and previous generation have to be added with the operating system IP after the management suite OpenManage Server Administrator has been installed.

More information about the SupportAssist installation and server discovery is available in the article SLN299049.

Installation of SupportAssist Enterprise

The following steps and pictures are based on the SupportAssist Enterprise version 1.0 and show how to create the SupportAssist Collection.

1. Download the SAE installation package.

Note: SAE can be installed on a physical or virtual server running Windows or Linux operating system.

2. Follow the installation wizard.
Welcome to SupportAssist Enterprise Installer
Read License agreement
Installation Completed

3. Connect to the SupportAssist Enterprise web interface and enter the Administrator Credentials.

4. Connected or Not Connected Mode
  • Internet access available: Please click on Registration to unlock all the SupportAssist benefits.
  • No Internet access: Please click on Skip Registration

Note: Without registration, the log collection has to be launched and send to the Dell technical support manually. The monitor and proactivity feature won't be enabled.

5. The server where SAE is installed will be automatically added in the console. Additional servers can be added using the discovery feature.

If SAE has been installed on a Virtual Machine, the device has to be manually added.
  • For 9G to 11G use the Operating System IP
  • For 12-14G use the Operating System or iDRAC IP.

Note: To use the operating system IP to discover a server, the management tool OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) has to be installed. OMSA will enable the communication between the console and the server using the SNMP protocol.

How to provide a SupportAssist Log to the Dell Technical Support ?

Connected Mode

1. Click Devices. The Devices page is displayed.

2. Select a device from which you want to collect and send system information to Dell. The Start Collection link is enabled.

3. Click Start Collection. The Name / IP address column on the Devices page displays a progress indicator and message that indicate the status of the collection and upload of the system information.

This report and future reports will be automatically uploaded in the Dell support system.

Disconnected Mode

Select the devices and select "Start Collection" – Select Collection Menu and Download it on your Local Server

Optionnal: The diagnostic file can be transmitted to the Dell Technical Support using this link :

Technical issues

If the report cannot be uploaded to Dell systems, please check if the ping is successful to: and — end point for the SupportAssist server. — the file upload server where the collected system information is uploaded. — the file upload

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