Dell AMD FreeSync Monitors that are Nvidia G-Sync Compatible

Dell AMD FreeSync Monitors that are Nvidia G-Sync Compatible

The following article provides information about Dell AMD FreeSync monitors which are Nvidia G-Sync compatible. Follow the guidelines below for the requirements and steps to enable Nvidia G-Sync on the supported monitor.

Note: A G-Sync Compatible monitor is an AMD FreeSync monitor that has been validated by Nvidia to provide artifact-free performance when used with selected Nvidia graphics cards. G-Sync Compatible is a trimmed down version of G-Sync. (It doesn't have features such as ultra-low motion blur, overclocking and variable overdrive.)

Nvidia G-Sync Compatible Requirements

The following requirements are necessary to enable Nvidia G-Sync technology support on the monitors listed below:

  • An Nvidia graphics card that is G-Sync compatible (i.e. GTX 10xx and above)
  • Ensure you use a DisplayPort cable for your video output
  • Ensure the latest Nvidia drivers for the graphics card are installed on the computer
  • Microsoft Windows 10

Dell Monitors that support AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync:

  • S2419HGF
  • S2421HGF
  • S2721DGF
  • S2721HGF
  • AW2521HF
  • AW2521HFL
  • AW2720HF
  • AW5520QF

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Steps to Enable Nvidia G-Sync

Follow the steps below to enable Nvidia G-Sync on the supported Dell monitor:

  1. In the display properties, enable Nvidia G-Sync.

    Note: Ensure G-Sync or Free-Sync is enabled in the monitor OSD settings. See the User Manual of your Dell monitor to learn how to enable G-Sync or Free-Sync on your monitor.
  2. Go to the Nvidia Control Panel (right-click the desktop, then click Nvidia Control Panel from the drop-down menu) on your computer

    NVidia Control Panel

    (Figure.1 NVidia Control Panel)

  3. Go to Manage 3D settings and ensure the monitor technology is set to G-Sync

    Manage 3D Settings

    (Figure.2 Manage 3D Settings)

  4. Proceed to Set up G-SYNC panel and follow these steps:

    Set Up G-Synch

    (Figure.3 Set Up G-Sync)

    1. Check the box next to Enable G-Sync, G-Sync Compatible

    2. Select your display

    3. Check the box next to Enable settings for the selected display model (Ignore the warning Selected display is not validated as G-SYNC compatible)

    4. Click on Apply to finalise the set up (The monitor will restart and G-Sync will show as enabled.)

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