How to Upgrade Memory in Your Computer

How to Upgrade Memory in Your Computer

This article provides information on how to upgrade RAM in your computer.

What is Memory?

RAM or Random Access Memory is a term used for memory modules installed in your computer. To improve the performance of a computer, sometimes a RAM upgrade is recommended. Upgrade could mean adding memory modules along with the existing ones or replacing the old ones with a set of new modules which has higher capacity.

Identify and Upgrade the Memory Capacity of your Computer

  1. Check your computer's current memory configuration and the maximum memory capacity
  2. Select the best memory upgrade
  3. Purchase new memory modules
  4. Install the modules in your computer

Steps to check Memory Configuration/Maximum Capacity and remove/add Modules

  1. Determine how much RAM your PC has and browse to the Dell Product Manuals ( for instructions on how to use the Product Manual refer to Step 4) to check the maximum supported capacity of RAM in your computer.
  2. Choose Dell Certified Memory to ensure that the memory module is compatible with your computer.
  3. When you are ready to upgrade browse to Dell Product Manuals for instructions to replace/add memory modules.
  4. When the Manuals page opens to the correct model of computer proceed to Step 3, when another product shows click Change Your Product.
  5. Under the Yes subheading enter your computer's Service Tag to get a concise list of documentation for your specific product model. Click Submit to continue.
    Note: For information on how to locate your computer's Service Tag, refer to What is a Service Tag and how do I locate it?. If the Service Tag is not available continue to select your product from the lists available.
  6. Click Owner's Manual, Setup Guide or User's Guide (depending on which one is available).

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