Dell EMC Networking OS9 How to set up Port Based VoIP QoS

Dell EMC Networking OS9 How to set up Port Based VoIP QoS

This article discusses how to set up Port Based VoIP QoS on Dell EMC Networking Force10 Switches running OS9

The Following platforms do not support this command as it was deprecated in earlier versions of OS9
1. Z9100
2. S6100
3. S5048"

QoS Configuration Port Based VOIP Example

Here the VoIP phone sends traffic with DSCP value 46. The Dell Networking Force10 switch will be configured to trust the ingress traffic DSCP value and set priority to the hardware queue servicing this traffic.

Follow these steps:

1. Configure an input policy map to trust ingress DSCP values.
2. Attach the input policy map to and interface.
3. Configure the hardware queue mapped to DSCP value 46 to use strict priority.
  • By default, the map is set DSCP value 46 to hardware queue 2.

Command Parameters
Force10# conf Enter configuration mode.
Force10(conf)# policy-map-input my-trust-dscp Create an input policy map. This line is using "my-trust-dscp" as the example name.
Force10(conf-policy-map-in)# trust diffserv Trust DSCP values.
Force10(conf-policy-map-in)# interface te 0/0 Enter interface configuration mode. You can use a range command here.
Force10(conf-if-te-0/0)# service-policy input my-trust-dscp
Force10(conf-if-te-0/0)# exit
Attach the policy map to the interface as an input policy.
Force10(conf)# strict-priority unicast 2 Specify a hardware queue to use strict priority scheduling

Dell Networking Force10 devices use the following default mappings for DSCP values to particular hardware queues:

DSCP Value S,C,Z-series Queue E-series Queue
0-15 0 0-1
16-31 1 2-3
32-47 2 4-5
48-63 3 6-7

Verify Configuration

Force10# show qos policy-map summary
Interface policy-map-input policy-map-output
Te 0/0 my-trust-dscp

Force10# show qos policy-map detail te 0/0
Interface TenGigabitEthernet 0/0

Policy-map-input my-trust-dscp
Trust diffserv
Queue# Class-map-name QoS-policy-name

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