Alienware System Overheats or Shuts Down

Alienware System Overheats or Shuts Down

Alienware Arena Description High performance systems require proper cooling to keep up with your needs. This article walks you through best practices and basic troubleshooting for overheating problems.

Supported Systems:

All Alienware Systems

What you need to know about overheating

System can become warm to the touch during usage when

  • Using for longer than 10-15 minutes

  • Watching a DVD/Blu-ray

  • Streaming online video

  • Using Flash Content

  • Playing video games

  • Using near a heat source or in a hot environment

Symptoms experienced if the system is overheating:

  • Random shutdowns or reboots

  • Computer locks up or freezes

  • Fans constantly run at high speed

  • Slow performance

  • The computer is too hot to touch

Troubleshooting overheating symptoms

You can try these easy troubleshooting steps to reduce the overheating on your system:

  • Make sure the system is in a well ventilated area

  • Use laptops on flat surfaces to improve airflow. Hard table tops are recommended and avoid using any type of cloth or any other soft material under the laptop

  • For desktop systems make sure there is enough clearance around the system to allow the air to flow. If the system is in an enclosure try to move it to a more ventilated area for testing

  • Check that the air vents are clean and that there is nothing obstructing them. See General Maintenance For Maintaining Your Dell Computer for instructions on how to clean your system

  • Update your system BIOS to the latest available in Dell Support Site

    Note: To learn more about updating the BIOS on a Dell computer, see the Dell knowledgebase article Dell BIOS Updates
  • You can reset your BIOS settings to undo any changes that could be causing the system to overheat. See How to restore the BIOS (System Setup) defaults on a Dell Product

  • Disable NVIDIA G SYNC and run a stress test using SupportAssist. Click here to run the video stress test when you are ready

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