Updating the firmware for the Dell UP2516D and UP2716D

Updating the firmware for the Dell UP2516D and UP2716D

This article provides instructions for updating the firmware for the Dell UP2516D and UP2716D flat panel displays.

UP2516D and UP2716D firmware upgrade.

This new firmware update is required when you need to load the Dell Ultra Sharp Color Calibration Solution (DUCCS) application.

UP2516D and UP2716D firmware update process.

Firmware update Pre-requisites

NOTE: Close Dell Display Manager software before attempting to run the Firmware update.
  1. The display must be connected to a power source during the firmware updating process.
  2. The USB upstream cable must be connected between the display and your computer (Figure 1):

    Dell UP2516D and UP2716D cable connections
    Figure 1: Dell UP2516D and UP2716D cable routing and connections

CAUTION: Do not unplug the USB upstream cable until the updating process is complete.
NOTE: The entire updating process will take five (5) to six (6) minutes

Updating Firmware.

  1. Download the Dell Xrite Monitor Application from the Dell Support Website Drivers and Downloads, Application section (Figure 2).

    Download Dell Xrite Monitor Application
    Figure 2: Dell Xrite Monitor Application download location

  2. Right click the zip file named "DellUltraSharpCalibrationSolution (Win)" and extract all.
  3. Double click folder named "DellUltraSharpCalibrationSolution (Win)" Then there are 5 files extracted from the above file in this folder, double click the file named " DELL_UP2716D_MonitorFirmwareUpdateUtility_v0.9.6_20151030 (Win)" to extract the firmware upgrade program(Figure 3).

    DellUltraSharpCalibrationSolution (Win)
    Figure 3: Open folder DellUltraSharpCalibrationSolution (Win) and find Firmware Update Utility file

  4. Double-click the folder "DELL_UP2716D_MonitorFirmwareUpdateUtility " then double-click the application file, named "MonitorFirmwareUpdateUtility" (Figure 4).

    Figure 4: Locate the file MonitorFirmwareUpdateUtility and double-click to open

  5. Click "Update" to start the firmware update (Figure 5).

    Monitor Firmware Update Utility Update button
    Figure 5: Click Update to begin the firmware update

  6. When the upgrade is completed, unplug the AC power cord and re-plug it back to turn on the monitor (Figure 6).

    Figure 6: Unplug and reconnect power cord then turn on monitor to complete firmware update

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