Getting Support for Wyse Products / Wyse Download Site Decommissioned

Getting Support for Wyse Products / Wyse Download Site Decommissioned

This article describes the steps needed to get support for your Wyse products.

Affected Products:


Click on the drawer below for the type of support that is needed:

As part of the to transition we have migrated away from the Free Download Application with Dell’s standard

Dell has been communicating this change on the login page of AppServices.Wyse.Com for 6 months to ensure that customers were aware of this change.

As we complete the transition of Wyse to Dell Wyse we have only migrated support files for Dell Wyse products that have been sold on or after Jan 1st, 2014 and have not gone End of Service Life(EOSL).

Question: How do I get support or access support files for my product that is Out of Warranty / End of Service Life?

For any Dell Wyse product that is Out of Warranty or End of Service Life, Dell offers multiple methods of receiving answers to your questions via the following:

Forums: Here you can search a vast pool of existing threads and you can also post a detailed inquiry where the community representatives can review and suggest potential fixes. - Wyse Forums
Videos: - Wyse video series on YouTube External Link
Twitter: - @DellCaresPro External Link / @DellCares External Link – For our consumer products

Dell Sales: - Contact a Dell Sales Representative to discuss options – Dell Sales

Question: I navigated to and was not able to find the files I need for my IN WARRANTY PRODUCT.

Customers with an IN WARRANTY Dell Wyse product that are unable to find support files that they need should contact a Dell Technical Support Representative for Assistance.

Follow guidance below to Translate your Serial Number into a Dell Service Tag prior to contacting Dell Technical Support.

Navigate to to find your In Region Contact Numbers.

Information on the difference between Dell Service Tagged products and Non-Dell Service tagged products can be found at the link below:

To translate your Serial Number to a Service Tag, navigate to Dell Support website.

Register for Dell TechDirect. TechDirect is an easy, convenient and flexible support tool that provides the ability to open and manage Dell support cases and replacement parts dispatches.

For more information, review the TechDirect Info Center.

Note: The tool requests a customer number to register; if you do not have a customer number, enter in "Wyse" and the team will provide one for you.

TechDirect enables you to request a "Return to Depot" Dispatch. This is the same as requesting for an RMA. Customers who have the Advanced Exchange Service Entitlement are required to call into Dell Tech Support at this time.

Customers will be required to pass a Desktop training module to self-dispatch (Return to depot/RMA). This training module provides you with helpful information on Dell systems, and how to ship your product to our repair centers properly.

For assistance using the Dell TechDirect program, email the Dell TechDirect team.

Using Service Request Online (Asia, Pacific, Japan customers without TechDirect Capability)

  1. From Product Page from Step 1, select Contact Us.
  2. Select Technical Support and Create Support Request for the quickest response.
Note: APJ customers can also use TechDirect.

Register your product(s) using your Dell Service Tag at the Warranty and Ownership Transfer Portal.

Note: Customers will need to translate their Serial Numbers to Service Tags to use the form.
For more than five systems, use the Bulk Transfer Registration tab.

Dell is consolidating the naming structure of its portfolio of Wyse thin clients to make selecting and ordering the right thin client for your business easier than ever. This does not affect the broad portfolio of devices, and the devices that you know and love are still available.

For more information, review our translation guide.

For a comprehensive overview on available services for your products, refer to the Warranty and Support Services page.

Visit for all Published Support Files for IN WARRANTY (NON End of Service Life) Dell Wyse Products

Licensed Wyse software and digital Licenses that were available in the Wyse Self Service Portal are now available through Dell Digital Locker. Dell Digital Locker allows you to access licensed software products, download license keys, view software entitlements, and more.

Software titles and product keys available in Dell Digital Locker are:

  1. Wyse Device Manager
  2. PC Extender
  3. Thin Client Extender
  4. ThinOS Maintenance
  5. ThinOS Lite Maintenance
  6. Cloud Client Manager

Access to free downloadable software APPLICATIONS is now available via the Dell File Download website.

Software titles available at the Dell File Download Site are:

  1. PC Extender
  2. TCX Suite
  3. Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool
  4. Wyse Configuration Manager
  5. Wyse Device Agent
  6. Wyse Device Manager
  7. Wyse Management Suite

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