Precision 7510 / 7710: Graphics Special Mode Setting in the BIOS

Precision 7510 / 7710: Graphics Special Mode Setting in the BIOS

Graphics Special Mode

DisplayPort multiplexers were added to the Precision 7510 / 7710 to enable the discrete Graphical Processor Unit (GPU - Nvidia or AMD) to directly drive the notebook's DisplayPort, HDMI connectors, and Thunderbolt controller. This will ensure that any Special Modes driven by the Nvidia or AMD GPU (GSYNC, NV3D, Eyefinity, etc...) can be sent not only to the docking stations but also to the notebook DisplayPort and HDMI connectors.

The option to select the Graphics Special Mode can be made in the system BIOS under Video > Switchable Graphics (Figure 1, English only). When enabled, this simply switches the display source for Thunderbolt Type-C, notebook DisplayPort, and notebook HDMI connectors so displays from all of these connectors are sourced from the discrete GPU.

Precision 7510 / 7710 BIOS

Figure 1

For instructions on how to enter the BIOS: How do I enter the System Setup (BIOS)?

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