Dell PowerEdge: How to download and use the Support Live Image?

Dell PowerEdge: How to download and use the Support Live Image?

Note: This article is part of the Server Tutorials: Support Tools, available here.
Support Live Image (SLI) is a CentOS ISO image that packages a collection of utilities and diagnostic tools.

Table of content

  1. Download links
  2. Embedded tools
  3. Credentials
  4. Scenarios

1. Download Support Live Image

Support Live Image is available for download

How to identify the generation of a PowerEdge is available in this article.

2. Embedded tools in SLI

The following utilities and diagnostic tools are included in the CentOS image

Version 3: CentOS 7.4

MS-DOS-Based Tools Linux-Based Tools OS-Based Tools
Memtest86+ v5.01
Asset Tag Utility
OpenManage Server Administrator 9.1
Server Update Utility (SUU) v 17.12.00
iDRAC7 Evaluation License Tool for 12G
iDRAC8 Evaluation License Tool for 13G
iDRAC9 Evaluation License Tool for 14G
PowerEdge C System Management Pack v 2014
Intel CPU Diagnostics Tool version
System Update version 1.5.3
iPerf3 version 3.1.7
CPU Stress Tool
Hard Disk Stress Tool
Network Manager Utility
Samba Share
NTFS File Support

Version 2

Available tools in the SLI v2.x are listed in the User Guide.

3. Credentials

To use this tool, boot on the ISO file and access interface using following credentials:

username root
password dell

Note: You can use the virtual media of iDRAC to boot an ISO file or boot from USB key.

4. Scenarios

Support Live Image is well suited for
Running an unsupported or corrupt operating system
Fixing misconfigured RAID
If Systems Management tools cannot be installed on the Operating System
Perform firmware and BIOS update in a certified environment

The CentOS Live Image provides access to all the tools and utilities available in a regular CentOS installation.
Many of the services are pre-configured to allow such tasks such as remote desktop, file transfer and Samba.

Note: The DHCP may assign the same IP to a server booted to SLI, if no static IP was assigned. This is due to MAC address already being registered with the DHCP server.

Additionally, Support Live Image allows accessing Dell tools to perform maintenance and troubleshooting operations.

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