Killer N1535 Wireless Firmware Manual Update Guide for Ubuntu Systems

Killer N1535 Wireless Firmware Manual Update Guide for Ubuntu Systems

This article contains information about manually updating the Killer N1535 wireless firmware for Ubuntu.

Table of Contents:

  1. Linux Firmware Package
  2. Ubuntu: Killer N1535 Wireless

Linux Firmware Package

Linux-Firmware (w/ Killer N1535) Update Process.

Update your system with the following commands:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Note: To determine the current linux-firmware package available please vist: External Link

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Ubuntu: Killer N1535 Wireless

Killer N1535 Manual Firmware Update Process

  1. In a terminal, confirm the QCA6174 with this command (Figure 1): sudo lspci | grep –i qca6174
    Linux Ubuntu Terminal
    Figure 1
  2. Download the latest firmware and extract the contents: External Link
  3. Or you can download the ZIP and save it with the browser at this url as shown: (Figure 2)
    Firmware Download Website
    Figure 2
  4. Open the "Downloads" folder, then "right click" the "" and "extract here".
  5. Confirm the contents of the extracted folder as shown. You should see the "QCA6174" folder (Figure 3).
    Linux Ubuntu Download Folder
    Figure 3
  6. Back in a terminal, type "sudo nautilus" to open a root privilege file manager (Figure 4).
    1. Sudo nautilus
    2. Click "computer"
    3. Click folder "lib"
    Linux Ubuntu Terminal
    Figure 4
  7. Navigate to the QCA6174 firmware directory (Figure 5).
    1. Click "firmware"
    2. Click to open "ath10k"
    3. Right click and "Delete" the "QCA6174" directory (we are removing everything).
    Linux Ubuntu Download Folder
    Figure 5
  8. Navigate to your other file manager window where your extracted download folder is (Figure 6):
    1. Confirm your new source file location in Downloads/auth10k-firmware
    2. Confirm your new destination file location in ../firmware/ath10k
    3. Copy and paste the QCA6174 directory with all of its contents into the destination directory as shown. The path should be: /lib/firmware/ath10k/
    Linux Ubuntu Terminal
    Figure 6
  9. Open /lib/firmware/ath10k/QCA6174/HW3.0 and rename file: firmware-4.bin_wlan.rm.2.0-00180-qcarmswpz-1 To: firmware-4.bin (Figure 7)
    Killer N1535 Firmware.bin
    Figure 7
  10. Now reboot and test the new Killer Wi-Fi firmware.

If you have further questions about this article, contact Dell Technical Support.

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