What is CMC for VRTX?

The newly announced Dell PowerEdge VRTX is a revolutionary, easy-to-manage, remote and office-optimized platform that converges servers, storage and networking into a compact package. It can hold up to 4 server nodes, up to 48TB of integrated, shared storage, and network switching.

Unique VRTX Features

More than simply a small blade server, the Dell PowerEdge VRTX offers something that no other blade server solution has: the ability to use PCIe slots. By combining the density of blade servers with the flexibility of rack server I/O options with PowerEdge VRTX, Dell gives you the flexibility to use less expensive PCIe cards while still being managed through shared chassis management. Another exciting new feature is VRTX's shared storage and on-board RAID controller. Pulling this all together into one, easy-to-manage platform is where VRTX shines.

CMC's role

Part of each VRTX platform, CMC is a dedicated, hot-pluggable module (a second, redundant unit is optional) within the platform that provides a secure web/browser-based interface that is used to take inventory, perform configuration and monitoring tasks, remotely power on/off blades and enable alerts for events on servers and components in the blade chassis. CMC integrates with each of the VRTX server nodes’ embedded iDRAC module, so users can perform iDRAC functions such as opening a remote console session from the CMC interface. Chief among those configuration tasks is setting up shared storage, creating virtual disks and managing PCI slot assignments. Like iDRAC7, CMC for VRTX is licensed in two different varieties: Express and Enterprise. More details on the difference between what comes with each license for both CMC and iDRAC7 for VRTX is available here.

VRTX Release Summary
CMC v. 2.2

Fixes :

  • Fixed an issue causing flash Media Status showing as "Version mismatch" during changeover or upgrade of the CMC.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Server Profile page to hang when a profile is applied to multiple servers.

Enhancements :

  • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 cryptography. Certificate number XXX.
  • Creating a Virtual Disk without initialization of the virtual disk.
  • Following features for Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs):
  • Creating, modifying, and deleting the security key (using key identifier and passphrase)
  • Secure erase
  • Encrypting virtual disks
  • Importing secure foreign virtual disk configuration using RACADM and WSMan (moving disks from one controller to another)
  • Querying shared storage health using SNMP.
  • Enabling sPERC Redundancy and setting up Multiple Assignment Mode using WSMan.
  • Performing racresetcfg from CMC GUI interface.
  • Updating the OpenSSL open source package to version 1.0.2f.
  • Updating the OpenSSH open source package to version 7.1p1.
  • Updating glibc to version 2.23 to address new security vulnerabilities.
  • TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.1 by default.
  • User configuration option to enable TLS 1.0 using RACADM.
  • SNMPv3 configuration only in RACADM.
  • Querying the health status of the chassis components using WSMan.
  • Initiating Quick Deploy of blade through RACADM.
  • Configuring CMC using WSMan for the following features:
  • Host Name of Chassis
  • IP Configuration
  • DNS
  • DNS Registration
  • NTP
  • Change Default Password
  • Sending alerts when the power state of an IOM changes and when a power ON of IOM fails.
  • Populating CMC Device name correctly in the inventory.

October 2016

CMC v. 2.1
  • Support for PowerEdge M830 Blade server for PowerEdge VRTX Chassis.
  • Support for 1100W PSU.
  • Pre-enablement support for Shared External Storage expansion (JBOD support)
  • Capture and replicate chassis configurations through XML, based on the Chassis Configuration Profile.
  • Backup or restore through XML based on chassis configuration profile.
  • Create and deploy a library of Boot Identity Profiles (boot from iSCSI/SAN configurations) to enable a quick restore of workload to a spare server.

Sep 2015

CMC v. 1.30
  • Ivy Bridge support for M820
  • Fault Tolerant (Redundant) PERCs
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Support for NVIDIA K2 GPGPU
  • Broadcom 10GbE quad port NIC
  • Emulex SeaHawk (FH) PCIe Adapter
  • Emulex 10G NDC


CMC v. 1.25
  • Ivy bridge support for M520 and M620
  • Support for fiber channel PCIe card
  • Quick deploy of Profiles to slots


CMC v. 1.0
  • Ability to assign/use Shared PCIe slots
  • Can hold up to 4 server nodes

  • Supports 12 x 3.5"or 25 x 2.5" shared hot-swap drives

  • Integrated shared RAID controller (SPERC)


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VRTX Manuals & Docs
User Guide CMC for PowerEdge VRTX [3.20]
RACADM Reference RACADM Command Line Reference Guide [3.0]
Event Message Reference Describes all messages, message IDs, and message arguments from all profiles in one document [ 1.0 ]
WSMAN Profiles Describes the behavior for each 12G feature and necessary classes, properties and methods as well as configurable management attributes that represent the feature. Also see Managed Object Files (MOFs).
Fault Tolerance Upgrading PowerEdge VRTX to support Fault Tolerant Shared PERC 8 [NEW]

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VRTX Videos & Demos
Upgrade PowerEdge VRTX to Dual Controller Configuration [NEW]
How to replace the VRTX blade partition [NEW]
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VRTX Useful Links
A look at the Dell PowerEdge VRTX
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VRTX Platform Page

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Supported PCIe Cards (low profile and full height)
AMD FirePro W7000 6Gb/s SAS HBA
Broadcom Dual Port 1Gb 6Gb/s SAS HBA
Intel Dual Port 1Gb Intel Dual Port 10Gb Base-T
Intel Dual Port 10Gb Base-SFP+ Broadcom Quad Port 1Gb
Intel Quad Port 1Gb Broadcom Dual Port 10Gb Base-SFP+

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Supported Hard Drives
500GB 7.2k NLSAS 2.5" HDD 1TB 7.2k NLSAS 2.5" HDD
600GB 10k SAS 2.5" 900GB 10k SAS 2.5"
1.2TB 10k NLSAS 2.5" HDD 146GB 15k SAS 2.5"
300GB 15k SAS 2.5" 1TB 7.2k NLSAS 3.5"
2TB 7.2k NLSAS 3.5" 3TB 7.2k NLSAS 3.5"
300GB 15k SAS 3.5" 450GB 15k SAS 3.5"
600GB 15k SAS 3.5" 200GB SAS SSD 2.5"
400GB SAS SSD 2.5" 4TB 7.2k NLSAS 3.5"

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