What is CMC for FX?

The Dell PowerEdge FX architecture lets you precisely tailor, quickly deploy, and easily manage your infrastructure. With compute, storage and I/O modules in just 2U of rack space and 50% more available server-side storage, you can build a software-defined converged infrastructure that scales quickly and easily. In order to manage this platform, Dell is using its proven Chassis Management Controller (CMC) to manage the overall platform as well as its servers, networking components, and storage devices. With its familiar, easy-to-learn and use interface, Dell CMC lets you choose and use the system management style that best fits your needs. Manage FX servers individually via each embedded iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller as you would with traditional rack servers to integrate easily into server-level processes. Or manage FX servers collectively as you might already do with blade servers, using the Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC) to manage FX. Either way, you can view and manage up to 20 separate FX systems from a single CMC management console for simplified collective management. As is the case with VRTX, Dell provides licensing choices for either comprehensive Enterprise or entry-level Express CMC options, whichever best suits a customer's needs.

FX Release History

v. 1.4

Enhancements :

  • - Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 cryptography. Certificate number XXX.
  • - Performing racresetcfg from CMC GUI interface.
  • - Updating the OpenSSL open source package to version 1.0.2f.
  • - Updating the OpenSSH open source package to version 7.1p1.
  • - Updating glibc to version 2.23 to address new security vulnerabilities.
  • - TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.1 by default.
  • - User configuration option to enable TLS 1.0 using RACADM.
  • - SNMPv3 configuration only in RACADM.
  • - Querying the health status of the chassis components using WSMan.
  • - Initiating Quick Deploy of blade through RACADM.
  • - Configuring CMC using WSMan for the following features:
  • - Host Name of Chassis
  • - IP Configuration
  • - DNS
  • - DNS Registration
  • - NTP
  • - Change Default Password
  • - Sending alerts when the power state of an IOM changes and when a power ON of IOM fails.
  • - Populating CMC Device name correctly in the inventory.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Server Profile page to hang when a profile is applied to multiple servers.

October 2016

v. 1.3

  • Capture and replicate chassis configurations through XML, based on the Chassis Configuration Profile.
  • Backup or restore through XML based on chassis configuration profile.
  • Create and deploy a library of Boot Identity Profiles (boot from iSCSI/SAN configurations) to enable a quick restore of workload to a spare server.
  • Support for launching IOA GUI on the Homepage and I/O Module overview page.
  • Support for Secure IOM mode. Secure IOM provides additional CMC security to support IOMs running in UC-APL secured environments.

Sep 2015

v. 1.10

  • Initial release, Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC) for Dell PowerEdge FX2

9 DEC 2014 (v1.10)


Dell Chassis Management Controller Version 2.0 for PowerEdge FX2/FX2s User's Guide

RACADM Command Line Reference Guide PDF

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