Wyse ThinOS - Configuring for XenDesktop Deployment

Wyse ThinOS - Configuring for XenDesktop Deployment


This document will show you how to configure a Wyse ThinOS device for deployment with Citrix XenDesktop.

Affected Products

Wyse C10LE, V10LE, R10L


Wyse ThinOS version 7.0 or above. The XenDesktop server should have a pnagent site created before the install. WTOS will look for this site by default.


There are three options available to configure WTOS devices which are described in this document. Option 1 is by manually configuring the device; Option 2 describes the changes necessary in the WNOS.INI file, while Option 3 uses the DHCP server to configure the thin client.

Classic mode vs. VDI mode
WTOS 7 comes with two types of GUI. Classic mode is designed for running published applications on the local WTOS desktop. VDI mode is designed for published desktops and XenDesktops.
Enable VDI mode from the Desktop button – System Setup – Remote Connections – Visual Experience tab. Select Zero Launchpad radio button.
Click OK and reboot.Now your desktop will be the launch pad view.

Option 1 - Configure XenDesktop Connection through GUI

  1. Click on the "System Settings" icon.
  2. Then click on "Remote Connections"
  3. Select the radio button for Citrix Xen and type in your XenDesktop DDC server with a pnagent site. Click OK.
  4. Reboot the thin client and you will be prompted for a login. Enter the username, password and domain to login and open any desktops assigned to your account.

Option 2 - Configure XenDesktop Connection through INI file.
You can use a FTP or HTTP server to deliver a wnos.ini file, firmware upgrades, certificates, etc. to the units. This is ideal for mass deployment. Refer to the Knowledgebase for the WTOS Admin and INI command guides.

  1. On a FTP server, under the root, create a folder called Wyse.
  2. In the Wyse folder create a WNOS folder.
  3. In the Wyse\WNOS folder create a text file named wnos.ini.
  4. The WNOS folder will also contain any firmware upgrade files. If you have WTOS maintenance, you will have access to the self service site to download any new versions as they are released.

Sample wnos.ini:
;************************************************************* Autoload=1
;* Time *
Timeserver=NTPserver.whatever.com timeformat="12-hour format" Dateformat=mm/dd/yyyy
TimeZone='GMT - 05:00' ManualOverride=no Daylight=yes Start=030207 End=110107 TimeZoneName=Eastern DayLightName=Eastern
;* Network *
;************************************************************* SignOn=Yes
PNliteServer=https://XenDesktopDDC Domainlist=yourdomain

Refer to the WTOS INI guide for more information about the different commands.
You may also choose to use HTTP instead of FTP. Refer to KB article Wyse ThinOS – How to upgrade the Firmware on WTOS Clients.

Option 3 – Using DHCP Option tags to deliver the FTP or HTTP address.
Note: You only need the 162 tag if you need to feed different configurations to the thin clients, for example different time zones.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Where is the local browser?
    Wyse ThinOS is firmware and it does not have a browser. Browsers are a security risk and would negate the benefits of a secure firmware without security patches.
  2. How do I login to the local admin account?
    Wyse ThinOS is firmware and it doesn’t have any local accounts. You can secure the box by setting the privilege level from the wnos.ini.
    Privilege=High has complete access.
    Privilege=Low gives the users the ability to change the resolution and add printers.
    Privilege=None removes all level of access for the user.
    Administrators can use admin mode with commands from the wnos.ini to access the unit with high privilege. Refer to the WNOS ini reference guide for more on admin mode.
  3. I followed the instructions, but I can’t connect to Citrix.
    Make sure that you have the path to the server correct. Verify that you are using HTTP or HTTPS based on how the pnagent site was configured. You may need to feed the certificate to the unit via the HTTP or FTP server. Refer to the WTOS admin guide for more information
  4. Can WTOS connect over the web to a Netscaler or web interface?
    Yes. The Web interface or Netscaler must be configured in CSG mode. Meaning WTOS can talk directly to the pnagent site. Refer to Citrix’s knowledgebase on how to setup the path through web interface or Netscaler to the pnagent site.
  5. My users have more than one desktop assigned. How do I tell the thin client to auto launch one of the desktops?
    Use the following command in the wnos.ini. Pnliteserver= autoconnectlist="farm1:desktopname"

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