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Dell XPS 10 Tablet May Experience Loss of Dock Function or Erratic Behavior when Docking and Undocking

Article Summary: This article addresses an issue with lost or unusual functionality when the Dell XPS 10 tablet is docked or undocked from the optional keyboard dock.

Owners of Dell XPS 10 tablet devices may experience unexpected loss of functionality or intermittent problems if the tablet is rapidly cycled through dock and undock with the optional keyboard dock.

Users may experience unexpected behavior if they repeatedly dock and undock the XPS 10 tablet to the optional keyboard dock. This occurs due to the Windows 8/RT enumeration process that must occur at each dock or undock cycle. Windows must enumerate the USB bus on the dock (keyboard, mouse, USB ports), which can take up to 10 seconds to complete. If the user undocks or docks during this process, unexpected behavior may occur, including loss of functionality of the dock.

This is expected behavior due to how Microsoft Windows 8/RT enumerates devices. To avoid having issues, wait at least 10 seconds between dock/undock cycles. If the dock is in a nonfunctional state, remove the tablet from the dock, wait 10 seconds, dock the tablet and wait 10 seconds for device enumeration. 

Article ID: SLN148591

Last Date Modified: 01/31/2013 12:00 AM

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