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What is the ATI Multimedia Center LaunchPad? - KB Article - 121500

Open the LaunchPad

  1. Click Start.

  2. Point to All Programs.
    The list of programs appears.

  3. Point to ATI Multimedia Center.
    A list of available ATI applications appears.

  4. Click LaunchPad
    A LaunchPad bar appears on your Microsoft Windows XP desktop.

Create A LaunchPad Shortcut

To create a shortcut to the LaunchPad on your Windows XP desktop, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the Start button.

  2. Point to All Programs.
    The list of programs appears.

  3. Point to ATI Multimedia Center.
    A list of available ATI applications appears.

  4. Right-click and drag the LaunchPad icon onto your Windows desktop.

  5. Release the mouse button.
    A small window with Copy Here, Move Here and Cancel appears.

  6. Left-click Copy Here.

Change the Location of the LaunchPad Bar

Initially, the LaunchPad bar appears along the right-hand side of your display. To change the location of the LaunchPad bar, follow the instructions below:

  1. Point to a space on the LaunchPad bar not occupied by a button.
    The mouse cursor appears with a crossed figure as indicated below.

    Alternate Cursor

  2. Right-click and point to Side to display the LaunchPad bar options menu as shown below.

    LaunchPad Options

  3. Select an option to position the LaunchPad bar along the edges of your Windows desktop.

NOTENOTE: The Undock option (illustrated above) allows a smaller version of the LaunchPad bar to be placed anywhere on the Windows desktop.

View the Descriptions of the LaunchPad Icons

The undocked LaunchPad bars look similar to the graphic below.

Undocked Launchpad Examples

The icons on the LaunchPad bar have the following functions:

TV icon Opens the TV Tuner window.

Player icon Opens the ATI File Player window.

VCD icon Opens the Video CD Player window.

CD icon Opens the CD Player window.

DVD icon Opens the DVD Player window.

TV Listings icon Opens the TV Listings window.

Library icon Opens the Multimedia Center Library window.

Many of the features of the ATI All-in-Wonder 9000 Pro are described and explained in the ATI "Help" sections.

To access ATI Help sections:

  • Click the ? button (labeled with a question mark) within individual ATI Multimedia Center windows.

  • Press the <F1> key in the upper left corner of your keyboard while an ATI Multimedia Center window is open.

  • Load the ATI All-in-Wonder 9000 Pro CD, click Documentation, and then click User Guides.

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