Troubleshooting Audio Problems on the Bose 3-Piece Speaker Set - KB Article - 332384

Troubleshooting Audio Problems on the Bose 3-Piece Speaker Set - KB Article - 332384

Bose 3-Piece Speaker Set Troubleshooting Overview

The purpose of this document is to resolve audio problems with the Bose® Companion® 3 series II Speakers set offered by Dell. The following symptoms are covered:

  • No Audio From Computer
  • Low Volume
  • No Sound From One of the Speakers

Verify Power and Muting Options

Check the control pod for the speaker system and verify the power LED (Figure 1-1) is lit green:

  1. If the LED is not lit at all, unplug the power connection from the control pod to the back of the bass module and reseat the connection.
  2. If it remains unlit, plug your power cord into a different wall outlet.
  3. Verify that the power switch on the back of the bass module is set to ON (Figure 2).
  4. If the LED is lit amber, your speaker system is muted. This can occur if you have manually muted the system or plugged headphones into your control pod:
    • Tap the mute/active touch control (Figure 1-2) to un-mute the speaker system.
    • If you have headphones connected (Figure 1-3), disconnect them from the control pod.

Figure 1:
Bose Control Pod
Numbers reference image above:
Power LED
Mute Control
Headphone Jack

Figure 2: Power Switch

Check the Cables

It is possible that one of your cables to the speakers or computer may have become disconnected or loose. There are 2 cables that you need to check:

  1. Reseat (unplug and replug) the audio input cable connected to the back of your bass module (Figure 3) and perform the same action on the plug that is connected to the back of your computer.
  2. Reseat the speaker cable connectors to the back of your bass module (Figure 4).

Figure 3:
Audio Input Connector

Figure 4: Speaker Cable Connectors


  1. 右键单击系统托盘中的"Volume Mixer(音量混合器)"图标(图1)。

    图1:"Volume Mixer(音量混合器)"图标

  2. 单击"Open Volume Mixer(打开音量混合器)"

  3. 确保所有滑块设置均为四分之三(3/4)或更高(图2)。

    图2:"Volume Mixer(音量混合器)"窗口

  4. 验证没有声道设置为静音

Additional Audio Troubleshooting

In the event that the above troubleshooting did not resolve your issue, there are other source of audio troubleshooting available. Please see the following support information:

The information contained in the above article consists of excerpts from Bose® Knowledge Base. The technical information and troubleshooting described herein are for informational purposes only. For additional information or the complete article, go to the Bose support Web site at Bose and search the Bose Knowledge Base for information on the Companion 3 Multimedia Speaker System.

Contact Bose® Support

Bose technical support will handle advanced troubleshooting and hardware returns if needed. Please contact Bose technical support via the following phone number: 1-800-694-2673.

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