Nvidia® Hybrid SLI®常见问题 - Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) - 358538

Nvidia® Hybrid SLI®常见问题 - Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) - 358538

Nvidia Hybrid SLI FAQs

Q: Which OS supports Hybrid SLI?

A: Hybrid SLI is supported only by Windows Vista. It is not supported with any other operating system.

Q: How can I tell if Hybrid SLI is working?

A: You can force a change in the Hybrid SLI mode by changing the Vista Power Profile. Double click on the battery icon on the system tray to access VPP mode. First look at the Hybrid SLI icon on the system tray to see if it is changing. When you run a 3D application it will usually run much slower when the system is in Save Power mode and much faster in Boost Performance mode. You may also notice additional system fan noise when the system is in Boost Performance mode.

Q: What do I do if an application is blocking a hybrid transition?

A: You may choose to ignore the hybrid transition attempt if you do not want to close applications that are running. This may result in slower performance in Save Power mode or shorter battery life in Boost Performance mode. To switch into the other mode go to the application listed on the dialog and close it. Then try forcing the mode change again.

Q: Will performance of GeForce Boost increase if the frame buffer size of mGPU is increased? Is there a minimum frame buffer size required for GeForce Boost?

A: The minimum frame buffer size of the mGPU required for GeForce Boost support is 256MB. The performance of GeForce Boost depends on the processing powers of the dGPU and the mGPU and other system factors. For best scaling, a dGPU that is recommended for GeForce Boost should be used along with a Hybrid SLI enabled system board GPU.

Q: What is the maximum number of monitors that can be connected in a system that has onboard GPU and dGPU?

A: The number of displays, including the LCD, that can be connected to a Hybrid SLI notebook depends on the notebook design, but is typically three or less with only two displays that can be active at a time. The selection of which monitors to display on is managed in the display property page.

Q: Which hybrid mode should the user enter to best support HD DVD/Bluray playback?

A: Both Hybrid-Performance and Hybrid-Power modes deliver excellent playback of HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD titles at full 1080p resolution. Hybrid Power mode is recommended as it will offer the best acoustic and low power experience when watching high definition content.

Q: Is Hybrid SLI supported for Intel chipsets?

A: Hybrid SLI is supported only on Nvidia® system board GPU chipsets. The shared GPU architecture between dGPU and mGPU allows for a much smoother user experience, as well as the performance benefit of SLI scaling. However, a feature called Dynamic Hybrid Graphics which is the ability to transition dynamically between an Intel notebook chipset and an Nvidia® discrete GPU is supported.

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