How Do I Reverse Image Retention from the Screen of My Dell™ Plasma TV? - Training Information - 275627

How Do I Reverse Image Retention from the Screen of My Dell™ Plasma TV? - Training Information - 275627

Images that May Lead to Image Burn-In on Dell Plasma TV Units

To help avoid image burn-in, it is best to avoid leaving stationary images on your TV for extended periods of time.
Examples of stationary images that may lead to burn-in include:

  • TV menus

  • Black bars such as those used in 4:3 or Widescreen mode

  • TV channel logos

  • Stock market or news tickers

  • Time display

  • Shopping channel pricing display

  • Static computer images

  • Static video game images

  • Closed captioning backgrounds

Use the Plasma Conditioning Option to Reverse Image Retention on the Dell Plasma TV


注: Prior to using the Plasma Conditioning feature included with your Dell Plasma TV, it is important to consider the following:
  • This article is intended to assist customers attempting to correct image retention on their Dell Plasma TV.
    The Dell Warranty for your Plasma TV does not cover image retention or image "burn-in" issues.

  • Severe cases of Image Retention are known as "Burn-in". The Plasma Conditioning feature does not remove "Burn-in".

  • Use Plasma Conditioning only when you experience a problem with image retention. Overuse may degrade the TV brightness.

  • Using the Plasma Conditioning feature may take several hours to complete.


  1. Press the Power button to power-on your Dell Plasma TV.

  2. Using the Dell Plasma TV remote control, press the Menu button to enter the OSD Menu.

  3. Press the arrow buttons in the center of the remote control to highlight the Setup icon.

  4. Press the Enter button to select the Setup option.

  5. Using the arrow buttons on the remote control, highlight the Plasma Conditioning option.

  6. 然后按 ENTER按钮。

The Plasma Conditioning process begins.

Attempt to change the darkness on the borders from within the source device menu

To reduce the possiblity of image retention, or burn-in, from the black borders on the left and right side of the TV, try adjusting the border darkness. Source devices such as cable boxes may have this option. Refer to the manufacturer of the source device for instructions.

NOTE: For more information on possible source devices, refer to the Dell Knowledge Base Article: "What source devices can I connect to my Dell™ TV and what ports do I use to connect them to" Article ID: 292355.

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