Dell FastAccess 3.0 Facial Recognition Software Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dell FastAccess 3.0 Facial Recognition Software Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Table of Contents:

  1. What is FastAccess Facial Recognition?
  2. Downloading Dell FastAccess 3.0 Facial Recognition
  3. Getting Started with FastAccess
  4. Facial Recognition Stops Working
  5. Installer has Insufficient Privileges
  6. Improving Performance for Fast Access

This article provides solutions to some common issues with the FastAccess facial recognition software and offers hints for improving performance.

What is FastAccess Facial Recognition?

Dell FastAccess 3.0 with Power Smart provides fast, simple, and secure access to the computer using face recognition.

While a firewall protects the computer from Internet intrusion, Dell FastAccess 3.0 prevents unauthorized viewing access from the computer's monitor and keyboard. The patent pending face recognition technology greatly reduces the need to manually login with passwords, while providing superior security and functionality compared to passwords and other biometrics.

Features of Dell FastAccess 3.0:

  • Speeds Computer Login: Dell FastAccess 3.0 minimizes the need to enter a password to login. It will typically recognize you faster than entering a password.
  • Save Energy: Using advanced face detection, the Power Smart feature reduces energy consumption. When a face is out of view of the webcam, Power Smart turns off the display, putting the computer in a lower power state and early sleep mode.
  • Fun and User-Friendly: Unlike password and other biometrics, FastAccess's face recognition doesn't require you to do anything: just use the computer and you are granted access.
  • Remembers Website User Name and Passwords: Simplifies computer login with automatic logon to websites requiring passwords.
  • Easy to Use: Unlike other security solutions, FastAccess set up is simple. Just start using your computer and advanced face recognition software constantly learns your face under different use and lighting conditions to speed recognition all the time.
  • Dell FastAccess 3.0 Enforces Parental Control and Protects Private Data: Protect your private data and enforce parental controls using FastAccess automatic account switching.
Dell FastAccess Facial Recognition is not supported for Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10. Windows 10 users may be able to use Windows Hello, depending on hardware.

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Downloading Dell FastAccess 3.0 Facial Recognition

Dell FastAccess Facial Recognition software is available for download from the Dell Download Center. Dell FastAccess Facial Recognition is also available through Dell Digital Delivery.

Dell FastAccess Facial Recognition is not supported for Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10. Windows 10 users may be able to use Windows Hello, depending on hardware.

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Getting Started with FastAccess

To get started with using Facial Recognition, click Start, then All Programs, then FastAccess to begin the face recognition software.

To configure the facial recognition software, click Start, then All Programs, then FastAccess Facial Recognition, then click Configure FastAccess to open the console.

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Facial Recognition Stops Working

FastAccess interacts with browsers through what are called "Add Ons" or "Extensions". Browsers have a privacy mode that disables all add-ons by default. If the FastAccess Add-On is disabled by a privacy mode or by any other means, the Web Login feature will stop working even if it's still enabled in the FastAccess management console.

Some browsers may allow you to manually re-enable extensions. Please see the browser documentation or help files for instruction on how to enable Add-Ons or Extensions. The FastAccess AddOns and Extensions are:

  • Internet Explorer: "FAIESSO Helper Class", "SSOIEAddonBHO Class, or "Face recognition web login for FastAccess".
  • Firefox: "FastAccess Web Login".
  • Chrome: "FastAccess SSO".

To enable an Add On in Internet Explorer 9.0:

  1. Click on Tools and Manage Add-Ons.
  2. Select a disabled add-on that you want to enable and click Enable.

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Installer has Insufficient Privileges

When updating from an earlier Dell 3.X version of FastAccess to the newest version, the following error may be seen despite already being logged on to an administrator:

The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sensible Vision\FastAccess\Vendor. The installation cannot continue. Log on as administrator or contact your system administrator".

The error is caused by a conflict with Skype when using FastAccess in a mode that uses the camera continuously. By lowering the security mode to Face Login and then rebooting, the conflict is removed and the update can proceed normally.

  1. Open the FastAccess Management Console and return your security mode to "Face Logon".
  2. Reboot your computer. This is an essential step.
  3. Perform the update again.
  4. Set the FastAcess Security Mode to whatever setting you perfer.

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Improving Performance for Fast Access

The following factors listed below may effect the performance of the facial recognition software:

  • Make sure there are four "green corners" visible that track the location of your face. These corners should be visible consistently. If they are not visible or blink on and off irregularly then both face learning and face recognition will be difficult. To be sure that they are present:
  • Make sure your eyes, nose and mouth are in clear view of the camera.
  • Turn FaceBright to "Auto" or "Always On".
  • If prompted, turn on additional lights.
  • If your face is very small within the video frame, "zoom" the camera slightly to make your face bigger. Note that this may not be supported with certain new Logitech cameras. For those cameras, simply move the camera closer.
  • On desktops especially, if you look down at your hands to type your password try looking back up at the camera before logging in. This assures that if the "green corners" disappeared during typing that they will re-appear before login.
  • When logging in, act naturally. Place your hands on the keyboard and simply look at the screen.
  • Making faces at or talking to the camera will slow the recognition process.
  • Even lighting provides the best recognition. Strong shadows on the face will require more frequent manual logins.
  • Whenever face recognition takes more than a few seconds, click on your user name and enter your password if required to login to the computer. This teaches the software to better recognize your face and can improve the speed of face recognition under the same lighting conditions.
  • Use a consistent position in front of the computer. While different positions during recognition can and will be learned over time, a consistent position when logging in will improve recognition speed.
  • Hair obscuring your face will slow recognition.
  • Slight natural body movement is beneficial. If you are not being recognized, there is no benefit to sitting perfectly still.
  • Update the Facial Recognition software.

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