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Dell Bluetooth Keyboard Guide

This guide describes the Dell Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts that are available and the functions they perform.

Keyboard Shortcut Key Functions

The below table is a list of combination short-cut key functions using the Dell Bluetooth keyboard.

1 F1 Mute sound playback. 2 F2 Decrease volume.
3 F3 Increase volume. 4 F4 Play or pause.
5 F7 Search. 6 F8 Open app menu.
7 F10 Decrease LCD Brightness. 8 F11 Increase LCD Brightness.
9 F12 Print Screen. 10 (Fn)+(Left Arrow) Home.
11 (Fn)+(Right Arrow) End. 12 (Fn)+(Down Arrow) Page Down.
13 (Fn)+(Up Arrow) Page Up. 14 (Fn)+(Up Arrow) Page Up.
15 (Windows Logo Key)+(E) Runs Windows Explorer. 16 (Windows Logo Key)+(R) Opens the Run dialog box.
17 (Windows Logo Key)+(F) Opens the Search Results dialog box. 18 (Windows Logo Key)+(Fn)+(Pause) Opens the System Properties dialog box.
19 (Windows Logo Key)+(M) Minimizes all windows. 20 (Fn)+(F#) Enables Function Key operation
Note: Keyboard battery indicator LED is on the right top side of keyboard next to the Bluetooth light.

Dell Bluetooth Keyboard User Guide

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