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How do I correct a loose network connector on a Dell™ PowerEdge™ 2550 server? - KB Article - 147194

PowerEdge™ 2550 server NIC connector.

The I/O opening of the network interface controller (NIC) sits very low in the back of the chassis (Figure 1). This causes the lock mechanism for the network cable to slip out intermittently.

Figure 1

Loop the cable through key ring holder.

The network cable (CAT cable) may have a weak locking lever. Try connecting another cable to the NIC jack in the back of the server.

If another cable is no more secure, loop the cable through key ring holder. (Figure 2)

Figure 2

If the key ring holder does not keep the cable in, perform the following steps to engage the NIC connector father into the rear chassis I/O bracket. (Figure 3)

CAUTION: Before you perform any of the following steps, read the Precautionary Measures warning for your personal safety and to prevent damage to the computer system from electrostatic discharge.

1. Power off the server and open the case.
2. Apply pressure to the top of NIC stack and insert the NIC cable.

Figure 3

Precautionary Measures

Before you open the case, read the following caution for your personal safety and to prevent damage to the system from electrostatic discharge (ESD).


Before you start to work on the system, perform the following steps in the sequence listed:

  1. Turn off your computer and all devices.
  2. Ground yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface at the back of the computer before touching anything inside your computer.

    While you work, periodically touch an unpainted metal surface on the computer to dissipate any static electricity that might harm internal components.
  3. Disconnect the power cable to your computer, and then press the power button to ground the system board.
  4. Disconnect any devices connected to the computer, including the monitor, from their electrical outlets to reduce the potential for personal injury or shock. Also, disconnect any telephone or telecommunication lines from the computer.

After you remove or replace parts in the system, observe the following notice to prevent damage to the system:

NOTICE: Make sure that all other system cables are connected before connecting the computer to its electrical outlet.


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