AIM - How to configure multipathing on RHEL 5 Linux iSCSI booted personas

AIM - How to configure multipathing on RHEL 5 Linux iSCSI booted personas

Article Summary: how to configure multipathing on RHEL 5 Linux iSCSI booted personas.

Table of Contents:

  1. Additional Information
  2. Configure Multipathing

Issue 1.

Additional Information

The AIM documentation is not clear on how to configure iSCSI booted RHEL 5 personas in a multipath environment.

The format for the boot device is supplied but there is no information on how to pass the iSCSI volume SCSI ID to the ramdisk during the boot process. There is no information on how to create additional iSCSI sessions that will be used by the device mapper.

The following procedure will be incorporated into the core AIM documentation..

Issue 2.

Configure Multipathing

To configure multipathing, perform the following steps:

  1. Install RHEL 5 on a server’s local disk
  2. Install the AIM persona agent
  3. Prevent the AIM service from running at boot time
  4. Create a volume on the iSCSI target and provide access to the desired iSCSI initiator
  5. Configure the iSCSI initiator on the Linux image
  6. Discover the iSCSI target and login to the iSCSI volume
  7. Verify that the iSCSI volume is visible
  8. Migrate the Linux image from local disk to an iSCSI volume with in the standard fashion
  9. Generate the ramdisk and copy it to the controller along with the kernel (only required if this is the initial persona using this kernel revision)
  10. Mount the iSCSI volume
  11. Get the SCSI ID of the iSCSI volume
  12. Update /etc/fstab with the multipath device
  13. Add the persona to the AIM environment
  14. Shut down the source image
  15. Boot the persona on a targeted server
  16. Start the persona agent and configure it to start automatically
  17. Verify that the multipath device is in use
  18. Add an iSCSI interface for both boot interfaces on the persona
  19. Re-discover the iSCSI portal
  20. Create additional iSCSI sessions
  21. List the iSCSI sessions
  22. Configure /etc/rc.local for running multipath which scans for available paths
  23. Reboot the persona
  24. Confirm that multiple paths are now in use for the boot LUN
  25. Boot the persona from both boot NICs and confirm that multiple sessions are available

A detailed procedure is attached.

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