Dell PowerEdge: Resolve CPU 1 or 2 has an internal error (CPU IERR) on Servers

Dell PowerEdge: Resolve CPU 1 or 2 has an internal error (CPU IERR) on Servers

The CPU Internal Error (CPU IErr) or CPU Machine Check error is usually not an error of the CPU itself, but a sign that the CPU has detected an error in the system, or received an erroneous instruction from a system component. This can theoretically be caused by any system component, but it is often caused by a memory error.

Table of Content

  1. Identification
  2. Solution

Identifying the CPU IErr in the System Event Log

The CPU Internal Error will normally show in the system event logs saying something like:
CPU 1 has an internal error (IERR), or CPU 2 has an internal error (IERR)

Figure 1: DSET showing CPU IERR

Resolving the CPU Internal Error

To resolve this error, please follow a structured plan of troubleshooting to determine which component has caused the error and how to resolve it.
  1. Check the System Event Logs for any other errors occurring around the same time as the CPU IErr.
  2. If any other errors are identified, resolve these errors. How to resolve the errors would depend on the error identified.
  3. If no errors are found, or the CPU IErr remains, shut down the system, remove the power cable and hold in the server power button for 20 seconds before plugging the power cable back and turning the system on again.
  4. Clear System Event log. i.e. in Open Manage Server Administrator or iDRAC (for both, open the event log, scroll to the bottom and press clear log)
  5. Update the BIOS and iDRAC firmware to the latest version.
    - How to update the BIOS or the iDRAC using the iDRAC interface is explained in this article.
    - If the iDRAC is not available, other update methods are listed in the following tutorial article.
  6. Change the Performances settings in BIOS.
    - 11G: Power Management=Maximum Performance; C-state/C1E=Disable
    - 12G/13G: System Profile=Performance
    The performances settings impacts how componants are switch on sleep mode. The sleep mode can generate CPU errors on specific Operating Systems.
  7. If the error still persists, contact the technical support for further assistance. Contact options are provided below.

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