Dell XPS 10 Supported File Formats

Dell XPS 10 Supported File Formats

Article Summary: This article discusses the various file types supported on the Dell XPS 10 tablet in Windows RT.

Users of the Dell XPS 10 tablet may be uncertain which audio and video formats are supported in the tablet OS.

Windows RT does not offer the same audio and video playback support as Windows 8, but it does offer native compatability with many of the more popular formats.

Media Type File & Stream
Codecs or
Codec Supported
in Windows RT
Hardware-accelerated on
Windows 8 Certified PCs
Video MPEG-4** H.264** Yes Yes
ASF** H.263 Yes Hardware-dependent
MPEG-2 PS Motion JPEG Yes Hardware-dependent
MPEG-2 TS MPEG-1* No Yes
3GPP MPEG-2* No Yes
3GPP2 MPEG-4 (Part 2) Yes Hardware-dependent
AVI VC-1** Yes Yes
WMV 7, 8, 9 Yes Yes
DV No No
Raw (NV12, YUY2, RGB32) No N/A
Audio MPEG-4** AAC Yes Hardware-dependent
MP3** HE-ACC** Yes Hardware-dependent
ASF** Dolby Digital (non-disc) Yes Hardware-dependent
AAC LATM Dolby Digital Plus (non-disc) Yes Hardware-dependent
AAC LOAS MP3** Yes Hardware-dependent
ADTS WMA** Standarf, Pro,
Yes Hardware-dependent
WAV MPEG Layer I, Layer II Yes Hardware-dependent
MPEG-2 Yes Hardware-dependent
ULAW Yes Hardware-dependent
PCM Yes Hardware-dependent
ADPCM Yes Hardware-dependent

* Requires Windows 8 Media Center Pack or Windows 8 Pro Pack
** Recommended for use in the Windows Modern User Interface

Additional information on media support and Windows 8/RT can be found HERE.

There is no hardware or software upgrade needed to play audio and video files. It is only necessary to use the media types supported by Windows RT. It is possible that some third party vendors (such as Videolan) will offer applications via the Microsoft Store that will support additional media types in the future.

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