RAID installation and configuration in a Dell PowerEdge Server

RAID installation and configuration in a Dell PowerEdge Server

RAID installation and configuration

Whether you want to modify the original configuration or create a new configuration, the steps below will provide you with information on how to install and configure Hard drives and RAID controllers in your server.

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At time of system purchase, most Dell systems come pre-configured with the RAID type you selected and are functional out of box. Typically, in this situation, no customer action is required since it is configured and working.

If, after receiving the unit, you want to perform a change :

If, after receiving the unit, you want to create a new configuration:

Migrations and Changes to a RAID configuration :

The RAID level may be changed through the software or controller interface without data loss depending on : the controller itself, the original RAID type, the type you are looking to go to. Not all migrations are supported. If the migration is not possible, it will require a complete wipe of the hard drives and re-creation from scratch.

For more information on RAID Migrations and expansions, please refer to the Dell PowerEdge RAID controller user manual or the following articles:

It is strongly recommended that you create a verified backup of your data before attempting any change. Any failure could result in a data loss situation.

Creating a new configuration :

1. Identifying the controller and Creating the RAID configuration.

The RAID configurations available in your server depend on the specifications of the PowerEdge RAID (PERC) controller installed.

For more information on your PERC's features, you can review the controller's user guide or some of the other articles available :

The following article details the steps to create, initialize and manage virtual disks using your PowerEdge RAID controller:

2. Installing the Operating System and out of the box setup.

You will find below several articles on how to first setup your Dell PowerEdge Server:

For more information, always refer to the user manual available on

3. Monitoring the HDDs and RAID configuration.

Several articles exist to cover the different maintenance options available on your Dell PowerEdge server to ensure it has an optimal performance.

The articles are gathered on this ressource library : Maintenance/Monitoring : automated and manual operations

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