Solid State Drive (SSD) PCIe expansion card not recognized when trying to install Windows

Solid State Drive (SSD) PCIe expansion card not recognized when trying to install Windows

This article provides the information on "Solid State Drive (SSD) PCIe expansion card is not recognized when trying to install Windows".

SSD PCIe expansion card not recognized .

A Dell system user was attempting to reinstall Windows on a Precision Tower 5810 equipped with a PCIe SSD (400-AGXV - 400GB Intel DC P3700 PCIe Solid-State Drive (boot drive)). The SSD was not displayed in BIOS and not listed as an accessible drive in the Windows setup process.

Install SSD PCIe card driver during setup.

The Intel PCIe SSD card requires a driver when installing the operating system using much the same process as a Raid Controller that is not native to the operating system being installed. (In this case, Windows 7 x64.)

To install Windows 7 to the SSD expansion card, the correct Windows 7 x64 driver is required to be manually selected: Currently, Intel PCIe Solid State Drive Driver Version, A00.

NOTE: Download the driver, extract it and copy the extracted files to a USB drive before removing the operating system or download and extract the drivers on another system.

Installation steps:

  1. Boot to the operating system media (In this case Windows 7 x64 DVD)
  2. Continue the installation to the point where you partition the hard drives, select load drivers button.
  3. Load the SSD drive from the USB drive.
  4. The drive will now be available to select for the operating system installation.
  5. Once uploaded

Other available Intel PCIe Solid State Drive Driver versions:

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