Wyse ThinOS and Xenith - How to Rename a Terminal via the WNOS.INI of XEN.INI File

Wyse ThinOS and Xenith - How to Rename a Terminal via the WNOS.INI of XEN.INI File

To change the default name of a terminal using the WNOS.ini file.

You can rename your terminal through the WNOS.INI file. There are several ways you can do this.

The recommended way is to use "System Variables", as this will allow you to assign unique Terminal names.

All thin clients have a unique terminal name (15 characters maximum) and the value is assigned using the following structure:


WTOS and Xenith include several System Variables you can use to get a UNIQUE Terminal Name for each client. System Variables you can use, which will provide this unique name include:




Serial number – This is a unique 11 character variable


Mac Address – This is a unique 12 character variable


IP Address – This is a unique 15 character variable


Platform Name – Normally a 4 character variable representing the first part of the image name. As of this writing, the values are:

For ThinOS - C10, DOVE, , PD10, R10, VL10, ZD10

For Xenith – C00, R00, T00, ZD00

So in order to change the Terminal name using a System Variable, you would add the following parameter to the WNOS.INI on XEN.INI file:




The first option will give you a terminal name that looks something like 1N0DL902572, which is the unique serial number of the device, while the second option would look like WTOS1N0DL902572.

Note: that in the second case we use 4 fixed characters preceding the System Variable to use all 15 characters. If you use the $IP variable, you cannot use any preceding characters, as the IP Address is already 15 characters. This will result in a truncation of the rightmost characters.

You could also use the &Right($xx,i) or &Left($xx,i) variables to trim some of the numbers. For example, if your IP address is, using the following parameter


Would give us the following Terminal Name: WTOS168.100.101. While if I use the "Left" option


Would give us the following Terminal Name: WTOS192.168.100.

You can also combine system variables. For example, if we combine:


The result would be DOVE1NODL902572 if the device was a T10, while the same parameter would give us the Terminal Name of ZD101NODL902572 for a D10D thin client.

For more information, please review the Wyse ThinOS INI reference guide or the Wyse Xenith Admin Guide.

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