WinMagic SecureDoc 4.9 causes Exx10 Latitudes to freeze at startup

WinMagic SecureDoc 4.9 causes Exx10 Latitudes to freeze at startup

Users state that access to the system via the Encryption software SecureDoc Boot is not allowed more than one time within two hours after entering their password. The system will act like it is hard locked and will not proceed further.

The system will be stable from initial boot if the system is left powered off for greater than two hours. Once the system has been provided access via the SafeNet USB key to gain access to the OS, rebooting works fine but a hard power down will leave you locked out for two hours.

Draining Flea Power has no change to the lock up behavior. Removing the CMOS battery gets you further in the process but eventually stops you for having the incorrect system time and will not allow you to proceed.

The issue appears on the Precision M10, Latitude E6510, E6410, and E4310. BIOS revisions A01, A02, A03 all seem affected.

The procedure outlined below from the Vendor "WinMagic" has been successful in resolving the SecureDoc Boot Logon missing cursor/freeze up:

  1. After hard-drive encryption completes, Reboot the PC.
  2. If a missing cursor/freeze up occurs at SD Boot Logon, Reboot PC, Press F12 and access the BIOS. In the BIOS go to System Configuration > SATA Operation and change it from ATA to AHCI or vice versa and Reboot the PC again. You should then be able to progress past the SD Boot Logon.
  3. Once you login to the PC go to C:\Program Files\WinMagic\Securedoc-NT and rename the E0.BIN file to E0.BIN.old and Copy the file sent by WinMagic into the same location and rename it from E0.B to E0.BIN.
  4. After updating the file launch the SecureDoc Control Center as SDAdmin, login and go to Boot Control > Install/Uninstall Boot Logon and select "Update Boot Logon". A dialog box will then appear informing you that a reboot is mandatory after updating the boot logon and upon updating it will immediately reboot.
Note: It was tested to see if simply replacing the E0.BIN file would work WITHOUT updating the Boot Logon and it did NOT work.
  1. After rebooting you should then be able to login to the SD Boot Logon without encountering the missing cursor/freeze up issue. This method has ONLY been tested and was found to be successful on the following models ONLY for the missing cursor/freeze up issue: E4310, E6410 and E6510.

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