Dell Wyse Windows XPe - What Monitor Combinations Can I Use on the R Series devices?

Dell Wyse Windows XPe - What Monitor Combinations Can I Use on the R Series devices?

The new R series (R90L and R90LE) have support for Dual DVI monitors. This document provides information on the following
  • Combinations of monitors that can be used
  • Usage questions on Splitter cable
  • Number of monitors that can be connected
  • DV-20 can be used

What Combination of monitors can be used?

The "R" class includes two DVI Connectors and only supports two monitors. Port 1 is a DVI-I interface and port 2 is a DVI-D interface. You can only have TWO MONITORS, either using two DVI monitors or a combination of a VGA Monitor (using a DVI-VGA Adapter) on Port 1, and a DVI on Port 2. See table below. Note that the image quality of an Analog (VGA) monitor is considerably lower than that of a Digital monitor.
Port 1 Port 2
VGA - use the Wyse DVI-VGA adapter P/N 941425-01L DVI

Can I use a Splitter Cable like on the V Series to get 3 Monitors?

NO. The splitter cable was for designed for the V-series and it's only supported on the V-Series. If you need to use a VGA monitor, use the DVI-VGA adapter instead.

Can I connect more that two monitors?

Only in the R90LE, by adding a third party PCIe Video Adapter. Again, each DVI port supports only a single monitor.

Can I use the DV-20 Dual VGA Adapter?

NO. This device was designed to be used only with the V-Series devices.

Can I use a single monitor or do I need to use two monitors?

Yes, you can use a single monitor. We recommend that you connect the single monitor to Port 1.

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