Dell Bluetooth Keyboard Guide

Dell Bluetooth Keyboard Guide

This guide describes the Dell Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts that are available and the functions they perform.

Keyboard Shortcut Key Functions

The below table is a list of combination short-cut key functions using the Dell Bluetooth keyboard.

1 F1 Mute sound playback. 2 F2 Decrease volume.
3 F3 Increase volume. 4 F4 Play or pause.
5 F7 Search. 6 F8 Open app menu.
7 F10 Decrease LCD Brightness. 8 F11 Increase LCD Brightness.
9 F12 Print Screen. 10 (Fn)+(Left Arrow) Home.
11 (Fn)+(Right Arrow) End. 12 (Fn)+(Down Arrow) Page Down.
13 (Fn)+(Up Arrow) Page Up. 14 (Fn)+(Up Arrow) Page Up.
15 (Windows Logo Key)+(E) Runs Windows Explorer. 16 (Windows Logo Key)+(R) Opens the Run dialog box.
17 (Windows Logo Key)+(F) Opens the Search Results dialog box. 18 (Windows Logo Key)+(Fn)+(Pause) Opens the System Properties dialog box.
19 (Windows Logo Key)+(M) Minimizes all windows. 20 (Fn)+(F#) Enables Function Key operation
Note: Keyboard battery indicator LED is on the right top side of keyboard next to the Bluetooth light.

Dell Bluetooth Keyboard User Guide

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