Transferring Data Between a Windows 8 Tablet and Another Personal Computer (Client and Host Devices)

Transferring Data Between a Windows 8 Tablet and Another Personal Computer (Client and Host Devices)

Cannot Transfer Data from a Windows 8 Tablet to PC

You may notice that when you connect your Windows 8 based tablet (Latitude 10/ST2, Venue 8 Pro or Venue 11 Pro) to a personal computer (PC) via USB cable connection, you cannot transfer data between the systems. This is because these are both Host devices.

There is no failure in the system, it is working as designed.

Understanding Client and Host Devices

Data communication via USB is done using a client and host process. Windows 8 tablets are a host devices and connecting them via USB connection to another Windows system will not provide data transfer. You can connect a client device like a USB drive or a cell-phone to your Windows 8 tablet with a USB cable, but not to another Windows device.

Android based tablets (Venue 7 and Venue 8) operate in the Client mode so that when connected to a Windows computer data can be transferred via USB (Figure 1).

Windows 8 Tablet Data Transfer
Figure 1

Host to Host data transfer cables are an option that will allow 2 host systems to communicate via USB cable (Figure 2).

Windows 8 Data Transfer with Cable
Figure 2

An example of such a cable is shown in this link: The j5 create Wormhole Switch (JUC400) a Micro-USB to USB adapter would also be required on tablets that only have Micro-USB ports (Venue 8 Pro, etc).

Note: Other file transfer options include sharing files over the wireless local area network (WLAN) or via a USB storage device and moving the storage device between the tablet and the system.

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