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Dell PowerEdge: How to update the iDRAC correctly to solve Memory, Hdd, Power and Rebooting issues (incl. Update Path)

This article provides information on how to update the internal Dell Remote Access Controller on PowerEdge servers of 12th and 13th generation (iDRAC 7 + 8) through the embedded web interface.

Proper updates of iDRAC and Lifecycle Controller can resolve multiple issues with memory, HDDs, power, and server rebooting.

For iDRAC 7: If a direct update from an old firmware (between 1.0.0 to 1.66.65) to a current version ( and later) does not work, an update in several steps might solve the issue.

Table of Contents:

  1. Download of the correct firmware

  2. Reset the iDRAC

  3. Update through the web interface

  4. Update path in case of issues with updates from firmware versions before

1. Download the correct firmware

On the Dell Support webpage several iDRAC related files are offered, but the embedded update function of the web interface only works with update packages for Windows.


  1. Go to

  2. Enter the Service Tag of your system or choose the matching system type

  3. Click on Drivers and Downloads

  4. Enter "idrac" in the Keyword field and ensure that a Windows OS is chosen as operating system

  5. Now download the latest iDRAC with Lifecycle Controller file by clicking on the corresponding sign

    Figure 1: Download the latest iDRAC update file

Note: Ensure the downloaded file is an Update Package for Microsoft Windows 64-bit (e.g. iDRAC-with-Lifecycle-Controller_Firmware_JWKMP_WN64_2.50.50.50_A00.EXE).

2. Reset the iDRAC

To ensure the upload of the update file is not blocked by any other process, a restart of the iDRAC is recommended. This process does not have any impact on the productivity, as the iDRAC runs separately from the installed operating system.


  1. Log into the iDRAC web interface

  2. Go to the Quick Launch Tasks in the lower right corner of the screen

  3. Click on Reset iDRAC

    Figure 2: Rest iDRAC

Note: The reset process will take a few minutes. The web interface is not accessible during this action and the system fans will spin up at full speed for a few seconds.

3. Update through the web interface

Dell provides many different ways of performing firmware updates, but in this case, the iDRAC update through the web interface is recommended. This solution does not require any downtime.


  1. Log in to the iDRAC web interface

  2. Click on iDRAC Settings and then on Update and Rollback

  3. Click on Browse and select the downloaded update file

    Figure 3: Choose update file

  4. Confirm the selection by clicking Open

  5. Click on Upload to start the file transfer

  6. When the transfer is completed, check the box next to the file name and click on Install

    Figure 4: Start installation

Note: The installation process will take several minutes and the iDRAC will restart when finished. Open connections to the iDRAC will be canceled, without any impact on services that run on the server.

4. Update path in case of issues with updates from very old firmware versions

If the update doesn’t run through correctly, it might be necessary to perform the update step by step from older to newer firmware releases, especially when an update from a very old to a current firmware didn’t work on the usual way as described in section 3.

Former firmware releases can be found on the Driver Details page (e.g. iDRAC firmware version of each firmware release by simply clicking on Other Versions.

Figure 5: List of former firmware releases

For the 12th generation of PowerEdge servers (iDRAC 7), the firmware of LCC and iDRAC were initially separated into one file for each component. Since version the 12th and the 13th generation share the same firmware for LCC and iDRAC, which is now merged into one single file.

Update Path for iDRAC 7

If the iDRAC firmware is still running on a version between 1.0.0 and 1.57.57, follow these steps:

  1. Update the iDRAC to version 1.66.65, which is the last one separated from LCC firmware

  2. Next version to install is, the first one with combined LCC and iDRAC firmware

  3. Now update to latest version provided on the Dell Support webpage (Section 1 of this article)

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