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Dell Streak 7 Troubleshooting

Table of Contents:

  1. SIM Card PIN is Blocked
  2. System Problems
  3. Messaging Problems
  4. Internet Problems
  5. Media Problems
  6. Starting in Safe Mode

Issue 1: SIM Card PIN is Blocked

If you enter the PIN code for the SIM card incorrectly three consecutive times, the PIN will be blocked, locking the card. To unlock it, you must contact the service provider who will have a procedure for providing a PUK code to unlock the SIM card.

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Issue 2: System Problems
  • The battery does not charge:
    1. The device temperature may be below 0 degrees C or above 45 degrees C. Adjust the environment to avoid temperature extremes.
    2. There may be poor contact between the battery and the charger. Check all the connector to make sure they are properly plugged in.
    3. The battery or battery charger may be damaged. Contact technical support for assistance.

  • Unable to turn the device on: This may indicate an uncharged battery. Connect the battery to a charger.
  • Shortened standby time: The duration of standby is affected by reception. The more the device has to send out signals trying to connect, the shorter the standby time. Change your location to one where the network is accessible or temporarily turn the device off.

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Issue 3: Messaging Problems
  • Unable to send or receive text messages:
    • The device may be in Airplane mode. Touch the Home button, then the Menu button, then Settings, then Wirless & networks. Touch the Airplane mode check box to clear it.
    • The signal strength may not be strong enough. Try moving to a different location for better signal reception.

  • Unable to send or receive e-mail: The Internet connection or the e-mail setting may not be configured properly. Chech your network connection and confirm the e-mail settings with your e-mail service provider.

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Issue 4: Internet Problems
  • Unable to connect to the network:
    • The SIM card may be invalid. Contact the service provider.
    • You may not be within the network service area. Check the service area information provided by the service provider.
    • The network signal may be weakened by your surroundings. Move to an open space or if you are inside a building, move closer to a window.
    • The device may be in Airplane mode. Touch the Home button, then the Menu button, then Settings, then Wirless & networks. Touch the Airplane mode check box to clear it.

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Issue 5: Media Problems

If Windows Media Player on your computer cannot play the audio portion of video captured by the Streak 7, it may be due to a format differnce. Streak 7 records video in amr format but Windows Media Player does not support amr decoding. To hear the audio, you will need to play your videos with an amr decoder such as QuickTime.

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Issue 6: Starting in Safe Mode

To enter Safe mode:
  1. Make sure the device is off.
  2. Press and hold the Power and Sleep/Wake button to turn on your device.
  3. While the operating system is starting up, the white DELL logo appears twice.
    When you see the white DELL logo the second time, touch and hold the Menu button until "Safe Mode" appears at the bottom of the screen.
    To exit Safe mode, turn off the device and turn it on normally.

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