Configuring 2 Displays using the Latitude 10 (ST2) and an external display or projector

Configuring 2 Displays using the Latitude 10 (ST2) and an external display or projector

Article Summary: This article provides information on "Configuring Two Displays Using the Latitude 10 (ST2) and an External Display or Projector".

Table of Contents:
  1. Latitude 10/ST2 display support
  2. How to configure an external display

1. Latitude 10 (ST2) display support

The latitude 10 (ST2) will support the integrated LCD and an external display/projector. The integrated LCD has a max resolution of 1366x768 and can support an external display/projector max resolution supported is 1920x1080.

You can connect an external display/projector to the Latitude 10 (ST2) directly via the mini-HDMI (Mini High Definition Multimedia Interface) port when the system is not docked, or via the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) port when docked to the docking station.

Screen rotation is disabled when the Latitude 10 (ST2) is connected to an external display. (Similar to the screen rotation being disabled when connected to docking station).

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2. How to configure an external display

Configuration of the external display/projector is done in the Control Panel > Display > Screen Resolution Window, where you can clone or extend the display to the external display/projector.

When using the Latitude 10 (ST2) with an external display/projector or device - the 40-PIN AC adapter must be connected in order to establish a link with the external display or projector. Once the link has been established the AC adapter can be removed and the link remains functional.

The external display or projector may be cloned (See Figure 1.) or you may extend the desktop across both displays (See Figure 2.).

Figure 1. (Cloned)

Figure 2. (Extended)

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