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How to Restore Factory Defaults on Dell Networking Force10 S4820T

This article explains how to Restore Factory Defaults on Dell Networking Force10 S4820T


1. Important Points to Remember

2. Command to Restore Factory Default

Important Points to Remember

  • When you restore all the units in a stack, these units are placed in standalone mode.
  • When you restore a single unit in a stack, only that unit is placed in standalone mode. No other units in the stack are affected.
  • When you restore the units in standalone mode, the units remain in standalone mode after the restoration.
  • After the restore is complete, the units power cycle immediately.

Command to Restore Factory Default

Warning - Restoring factory defaults will delete the existing persistent settings (configuration, stacking, fanout, etc.) After restoration the unit(s) will be power cycled immediately. Proceed with CAUTION!

Command Parameters
FTOS# restore factory-defaults {0-5 | all} {bootvar | clear-all | nvram} Restores and clears config, stacking, fanout, etc..
Bootvar - Reset Boot environment variables
Clear-all - Reset BootVar, NvRam and configurations
NvRam - Reset NvRam

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