Print Quality Issues on 3110, 3115, 3130cn Dell™ Laser Printers

Print Quality Issues on 3110, 3115, 3130cn Dell™ Laser Printers

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  1. Print Quality Issues on 3110, 3115, 3130cn Dell™ Laser Printers

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Print Quality Issues on 3110, 3115, 3130cn Dell™ Laser Printers

Print quality issues can be caused by a variety of components in the printer, the type of media (paper/card) used or with issues with the document or application you are attempting to print.

To troubleshoot print quality issues on these models of Dell Printers, please try the following steps.

1. Print a Colour Test Page to verify issue is seen on all colours or a specific colour only.

To Print Colour Test Page:

-> Press the Menu Button on the printer.

-> Highlight Reports/List and Select.

-> Highlight Colour Test Page and Select.

-> The Report should now Print.

2. If issue is seen on one colour only then the issue is with that toner. Please ensure you are using a Dell Branded Toner.

3. If you are using a Dell Branded Toner, please try another Toner from a working Printer of the same model (if available).

Note: It is recommended that only Dell Branded Toners are used in Dell Laser Printers as Dell cannot guarantee compatibility or the print quality of any 3rd party toners.

4. If issue is seen on all colours, including black, continue troubleshooting.

5. If you are using Card Stock, glossy or thicker paper please ensure that the Adjust BTR and Adjust Fuser option matches the print media. Please see User Guide to ensure the print media used complies with your printers specifications.

To Adjust BTR (or Fuser):

-> Press the Menu Button

-> Select Admin Menu

-> Select Maintenance

-> Select Adjust BTR (or Adjust Fuser).

-> Adjust the setting for the type of print media used.

-> Print a Colour Test page to verify if Ghosting Issue has Recurred.

6. Run a Stop Test on the fuser.

To carry out a Stop Test on the Fuser:

-> Turn the Printer on.

-> With your finger on the Printer power Switch print a Colour Test Page (As described above)

-> When the paper begins exiting (as soon as the leading edge of the page is visible) from the printer turn the printer power off.

-> Remove the Fuser from the Printer with the paper still in the fuser rollers and verify if the Print Quality issue appears before or after the page has passed through the fuser roller.

Note: The fuser can be very hot, please ensure you keep your fingers away from the hot roller in the fuser assembly.

Detailed instructions on removing and installing the Fuser for your specific printer model can be found in the User Guide.

User Guides for all models of Dell Laser Printers can be found on article:
Dell Laser Printer User Guide Links

To remove Fuser:

-> Push the Button on the Right Side of the Printer and Open Cover

-> Rotate the duplex gate to its upright position.

-> Rotate the right- and left-side fuser locking levers to their outmost positions

-> Slide the fuser forward and remove.

-> Reverse the previous steps to replace the fuser assembly

7. If the print quality issue only occurs after the Fuser, then this is the likely cause of failure. Please try another Fuser from a working Dell Laser Printer of the same model (if available).

8. If the print quality Issue occurs before the Fuser or there is no other fuser assembly available please contact Dell Technical Support to advise.

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