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Dell XPS 10 Tablet May Not Connect to Known Wi-Fi Networks After Using Airplane Mode

Article Summary: This article addresses a problem with the Dell XPS 10 tablet not re-connecting to a known Wi-Fi network after the device has been in Airplane Mode.

Owners of Dell XPS 10 tablet devices may notice that the device will not automatically reconnect to a known WI-FI access point (AP) after using airplane mode.

If you enable and then disable airplane mode, the device may not reconnect immediately to a known, previously authorized wireless access point. If you wait for at least 2 minutes, the device will reconnect on its own. This is an intermittent issue and is not likely to occur each time airplane mode is disabled.

This is a known issue that may occur on other Windows 8/RT devices as well. A solution will be pushed via the Microsoft Update process when available. 

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Дата последнего изменения: 01/29/2013 12:00 AM

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