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Cleaning the Feed Roller on a Dell 2150cn/cdn Laser Printer

Article Summary: This article provides Information on Cleaning the Feed Roller on a Dell 2150cn/cdn Laser Printer

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  1. Cleaning the Feed Roller on a Dell 2150cn/cdn Laser Printer


Cleaning the Feed Roller on a Dell 2150cn/cdn Laser Printer

During regular usage of your printer it is likely that the feed rollers will become dirty and can in some cases become worn or cracked after extensive use.

It is recommended, as part of regular maintenance, that you clean the feed rollers in order to ensure that paper is pulled freely and Paper Jams avoided.

This article provides detailed information on cleaning the internal feed roller in the 2150cn/dcn Laser printer.
  1. Ensure that the printer is turned off
  2. Pull the standard 250-sheet tray out of the printer about 200mm
  3. Hold the standard 250-sheet tray with both hands, and remove it from the printer
  4. Push the side button to open the front cover
  5. Open the belt unit

  6. Turn the four PHD lock levers 90-degrees counter-clockwise

  7. Hold the gray tabs, and then pull out the PHD unit
  8. Clean the feed roller inside the printer thoroughly with a lint free dry cloth

  9. If the feed roller looks damaged, worn or cracked, please contact Dell Technical Support via the Twitter button below, to advise of issue
  10. After cleaning the roller, Insert the PHD unit until it stops, and then turn the four PHD lock levers 90- degrees clockwise to lock the PHD unit
  11. Close the belt unit, and push at the top of the unit until it clicks
  12. Close the front cover
  13. Insert the standard 250-sheet tray into the printer, and push until it stops

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