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Using a stylus with Dell Venue tablets

To get the best performance when using a stylus with a Dell Venue tablet, it is important to use the correct type of stylus as well as performing basic maintenance on the stylus itself.

Tablet Stylus type
Venue 7 (3730) Passive (capacitive)
Venue 7 (3740) Passive (capacitive)
Venue 8 (3830) Passive (capacitive)
Venue 8 (3840) Passive (capacitive)
Venue 8 (7840) Passive (capacitive)
Venue 8 Pro (5830) Active
Venue 8 Pro (3845) Passive (capacitive)
Venue 11 Pro (5130) Active
Venue 11 Pro (7130/7139) Active
Venue 11 Pro (7140) Active
NOTE: The stylus shipped with earlier Dell tablet models such as the Latitude ST and Latitude 10 are NOT compatible with the Venue tablets which use a different digitizer technology.

To get the best performance from your stylus and tablet, follow these useful tips:

  • Make sure you have a fresh battery in the stylus. Most active styluses use a AAAA (quadruple-A) battery. Passive styluses do not require a battery.
  • If you experience erratic stylus behavior, try removing the battery and replacing it. This will reset the stylus itself.
  • Clean the stylus tip. Dirt or debris accumulating on the tip can affect the performance.
  • Some tablets are shipped with a Mylar protective sheet over the screen. For best tablet performance, remove the Mylar sheet.
  • If performance is not as expected, be sure to check for Microsoft OS Updates, BIOS updates and driver or firmware updates for your tablet. Restart your tablet after updating to make sure that all updates have been applied.

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