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Dell Precision M6600 Mobile Workstation Redhat Enterprise 6 Driver Installation Guide

Article Summary: This article provides information on the correct order to install drivers for Redhat Linux Enterprise 6 on Precision Mobile Workstation M6600.

After a clean installation of the Redhat Linux Enterprise 6 operating system, you should
install the following drivers/software packages in the following sequence.

Some components may or may not be on your system depending on build and specification.

The list below shows the available drivers from Dell for the Redhat Operating system. The section heading each driver is listed under on the Dell Support Website for your system. Before choosing your drivers be sure and select the correct Operating system, I.E. Redhat Linux Enterprise 6 from the drop down list.

  1. Video Driver Installation - Video
  2. IDT 92HDxxx HD Audio - Audio Drivers
  3. Client Configuration Toolkit - Systems Management Applications
  4. O2Micro OZ600XXX Memory Card - OS Deployment Drivers
Please use this page only as a guide, illustrating how Device Manager will look during driver install. Drivers can be downloaded from www.dell.com/support


Video Driver Installation

Install the nVidia or AMD Video Driver from the Dell Support Website.

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IDT 92HDxxx HD Audio

Update the IDT 92HDxxx HD Audio driver from the Dell Support Website.

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Dell Client Configuration Toolkit

Update the Dell Client Configuration Toolkit from the Dell Support Website.

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O2Micro OZ600XXX Memory Card

Update the O2Micro OZ600XXX Memory Card driver from the Dell Support Website.

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