How do I update the firmware on a Dell™ PowerVault™ 5xF Fibre Channel switch? - Technical Tip - 155213

How do I update the firmware on a Dell™ PowerVault™ 5xF Fibre Channel switch? - Technical Tip - 155213

Updating the firmware on a Dell™ PowerVault™ 5xF Fibre Channel switch

To update the firmware on a PowerVault 5xF, perform the following steps:

NOTE: Alternatively, steps 6 through 8 may be accomplished by using the Administrative page within the Web based PowerVault 5xF Fibre Channel Switch Manager.

  1. Copy the latest version of the firmware to the root of the C:\ hard drive of the host PC.
  2. Execute the setup program from the Dell PowerVault Utilities CD to install the two Switch Utilities files (cat.exe and rshd.exe) on the host PC.
  3. During the setup you must specify a Destination Folder, click Browse and click C:\ to select it as the Destination Folder. Click OK.
  4. Accept the program defaults to finish the install.
  5. Click Programs, click Dell OpenManage PowerVault Manager, click PowerVault 50F&51F Utilities, and then click rshd (remote shell daemon).
  6. Initiate a telnet session to an individual switch by typing the following commands and pressing the <Enter> key after each command:

    telnet <switch IP address>
    Dell_FC_Switch: admin
    passwd: <password>

    where <switch IP address> is the IP address of the switch <password> is the Administrator password.
  7. From the telnet command line, type the following commands and press the <Enter> key after each command:

    For the PowerVault 50F, type:

    flashDownload "<host IP address>", "<username>", "<filename>"

    For the PowerVault 51F and 56F:

    firmwareDownload "<host IP address>", "<username>", "<filename>"

    where the <host IP address> is the host IP address, the <user name> is a valid user name for the host, and the <filename> is the path to the firmware file.


    firmwareDownload "", "administrator", "v2_1_4"

    The host PC server delivers the file to the switch, where the file is stored in flash memory.
  8. Reboot the switch to initiate the new firmware.
  9. Press the <Ctrl>+<C> keys at the same time on the keyboard of the host PC to terminate the rsh daemon.


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