Dell Latitude E6520 Visual Guide

Dell Latitude E6520 Visual Guide

This article provides a visual guide to your Dell Latitude E6520 showing ports locations and external features of your system.

Table of Contents :

  1. Front View
  2. Rear View
  3. Top View
  4. Bottom View
  5. Left View
  6. Right View
Note: For a more detailed description about each location, please go to the system manuals at

1. Front View

Front View

Chassis Front View Features
1. Built in Microphone - Used to capture audio sounds.
2. Built in Camera - Used to capture moving images and snapshots. (Optional)
3. Display - For more information about the display, see the section on HD LCD.
4. Power button - Press to turn on the laptop or exit a power management mode.
5. Keyboard - For more information about the keyboard, see the section on Keyboard.
6. Fingerprint scanner - Security feature to identify the user using fingerprints.
7. Contactless Smart Card Reader - For more information about the contactless smart card, see the section on Contactless Smart Card.
8. Media card reader - Provides a fast and convenient way to view and share digital photos, music, and videos stored on a media card.
9. Touch pad - Allows the user to manipulate and control the on-screen cursor. Essentially provides the function of a mouse.
10. Volume controls - Allows the user to adjust the system audio volume.
11. Device Status LEDs - Indicates power on/off and shows battery status. For more information, see the section on LEDs.

Note: For a guide to the keyboard see the following article:

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2. Rear View

Chassis Rear Features
1. RJ-45 (network) connector - Used to make Ethernet connections.
2 Kensington lock slot - Used to attach a commercially available antitheft device to the laptop
3 Modem connector (RJ-11) - Used to connect the laptop to a network via a modem. If modem is not purchased, it will be installed with the modem port plug.
4 AC adapter connection - Used to connect an AC adapter to the computer.
5. USB 2.0 connector - Used to connect USB devices, such as flash memory, a mouse, keyboard or printer.

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3. Top View

Chassis Top Features
1 Power/HDD LED- Indicates system power and hard drive activity.

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4. Bottom View

Chassis Bottom Features
1 Battery - Lithium-ion battery.
2 Docking Port - Used for connecting the laptop to a docking station and slice battery.
3 Battery release latches - Lock the battery into the device.
4 Country of Origin(COO) Label - Contain model name and country made info.
5 Water Drainage Slot - For draining water that falls on keyboard.
6 Speakers - Sound output.

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5. Left View

Chassis Left Features
1. VGA external monitor port - Used to connect an external monitor to the computer.
2. USB 2.0 Connector - Used for connecting with USB devices
3. Headphone / Microphone combo jack - Used to connect audio peripherals. Attach a headphone or speaker or microphone to the connector.
4. Smart Card Slot - Used for inserting Smart Cards into the system.
5. Hard Drive - Stores data and programs used by the system.

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6. Right View

Chassis Right Features
1. Express Card Slot - Used for inserting Express Cards into the system.
2. Optical Drive - Used to read from and write to optical disc media.
3. Wireless Switch - Enables or disables wireless connections on the system.
4. IEEE 1394 connector - Used for making high-speed connections with 1394 devices
5. USB 2.0 connector - Used to connect USB devices, such as flash memory, a mouse, keyboard or printer.
6. eSATA/USB 2.0 connector - Used to connect external SATA hard drives or USB devices.
7. HDMI Port - For connecting with high definition graphics devices

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