Dell Networking Force10 I/O Aggregator - Why are all my internal ports down?

Dell Networking Force10 I/O Aggregator - Why are all my internal ports down?

This article answers the question: Why are all my internal ports down?

Why are all my internal ports down?

If the uplink Link Aggregation Group (LAG) group is not properly configured and established all internal interfaces will be down. Check the uplink LAG port-channel 128 status.
These commands show a good uplink status. You may see that the LACP port-channel is physically down or the LACP protocol is not down.

FTOS# show interfaces port-channel 128 brief
Codes: L - LACP Port-channel

LAG Mode Status Uptime Ports
L 128 L2L3 up 17:36:24 Te 0/33 (Up)
Te 0/35 (Up)
Te 0/36 (Up)
Te 0/39 (Up)
Te 0/51 (Up)
Te 0/53 (Up)
Te 0/54 (Up)
Te 0/56 (Up)
FTOS# show uplink-state-group 1 detail
Up): Interface up (Dwn): Interface down (Dis): Interface disabled

Uplink State Group : 1 Status: Enabled, Up
Defer Timer : 10 sec
Upstream Interfaces : Po 128(Up)
Downstream Interfaces : Te 0/1(Up) Te 0/2(Up) Te 0/3(Dwn) Te 0/4(Dwn) Te 0/5(Up)
Te 0/6(Dwn) Te 0/7(Dwn) Te 0/8(Up) Te 0/9(Up) Te 0/10(Up)
Te 0/11(Dwn) Te 0/12(Dwn) Te 0/13(Up) Te 0/14(Dwn) Te 0/15(Up)
Te 0/16(Up) Te 0/17(Dwn) Te 0/18(Dwn) Te 0/19(Dwn) Te 0/20(Dwn)
Te 0/21(Dwn) Te 0/22(Dwn) Te 0/23(Dwn) Te 0/24(Dwn) Te 0/25(Dwn)
Te 0/26(Dwn) Te 0/27(Dwn) Te 0/28(Dwn) Te 0/29(Dwn) Te 0/30(Dwn)

Te 0/31(Dwn) Te 0/32(Dwn)


All uplink ports on the IO Aggregator are configured in a single LAG (LAG 128). One of the Auto default features of the IO Aggregator is Link Tracking.

Link Tracking

By default, all server-facing ports are tracked by the operational status of the uplink LAG. If the uplink LAG goes down, the Aggregator loses its connectivity and is no longer operational; all server-facing ports are brought down.

Trouble shooting:
If installed Blade Servers do not have connectivity to a Top of Rack (ToR) switch, check the Link Status LED of uplink ports on the Aggregator. If all LEDs are ON, check the LACP configuration on the ToR switch that is connected to the Aggregator to ensure the Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) is correctly configured.

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