Duplicate IP Address Logged by Remote Systems When Teaming Broadcom NICs

Duplicate IP Address Logged by Remote Systems When Teaming Broadcom NICs

This article provides information on what to do if a duplicate IP address is logged by remote systems when teaming Broadcom Network Interface Cards (NIC)s.

Table of Contents
  1. Description of the Issue
  2. Solution

1. Issue

When Broadcom Network Interface Card (NIC)s are Smart Load Balance (SLB) teamed with Livelink enabled and the Broadcom driver release is prior to version T4.1.
The other systems on the network may report duplicate Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. It happens due to the Broadcom teamed NICs sending Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)s with an invalid origination IP address.

This issue is not present if Livelink is disabled or SLB teaming is not utilized.

2. Solution

You do not need to replace any hardware or reinstall software. Upgrading to Broadcom release T4.1 or later will resolve this issue. Please see our Drivers and Downloads site for the latest version.

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