Unable to Charge a Portable System Battery After a Long Period of Storage - KB Article - 360297

Unable to Charge a Portable System Battery After a Long Period of Storage - KB Article - 360297

Unable to Charge a Portable System Battery After a Long Period of Storage

If a laptop is stored for an extended period of time with the battery in the system, the battery may not charge as expected when AC power is applied. The battery indicator LED may signal a fast flashing 4 Amber, followed by single steady Blue (or Green depending on the system) pattern (Figure 1). This pattern signifies a ‘Temporary failure’ of the battery. On older laptops, the system battery indicator LED may not illuminate, and it just does not charge the battery. The cells within the battery packs trickle discharge over time but the firmware of the battery pack still think it is fully charged. The cells eventually reach a level of close to zero charge, and the battery's firmware is still thinking it is fully charged. When powered on with the system, it performs an integrity check and it generates an error as there is a mismatch between the firmware's indicated power level and the actual cell charge.

Figure 1: Temporary Battery Failure Indication

The following procedure may recover the battery pack:
  1. Physically remove the battery pack from the system and leave it out for 1 minute, which allows sufficient time for the batteries firmware to resynchronize with the actual cell charge state.

  2. Insert the battery into the system at this point, and leave it on charge for an extended period of time. Approximately 12 hours will be sufficient to recover the battery pack to its peak performance.


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