Why Does My Dell A920 or 922 All-In-One Printer Jam When I Use Glossy or Thick Paper? - KB Article - 179944

Why Does My Dell A920 or 922 All-In-One Printer Jam When I Use Glossy or Thick Paper? - KB Article - 179944

The A920 or 922 All-In-One Printer Jams or Misfeeds When Using Specialty Paper

The A920 and 922 All-In-One printer jams or misfeeds when printing jobs with multiple pages on glossy photo paper or thick paper like cardstock.

Because all paper varies in physical characteristics, you can receive mixed results from different packages of paper even though the packages contain the same type of paper. If you encounter undesirable results, try the other side of the paper, a different type of paper, or another package of the same kind of paper. Most papers have a preferred print side indicated on the paper package. Load the paper so that the preferred print side faces you.

Do not use the following types of paper with the printer:

  • Erasable bond paper

  • Synthetic paper

  • Thermal paper

  • Multi-sheet forms and documents

  • Chemically treated paper (carbonless paper)

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