Vertical Deletions on a 5130 Dell Color Laser Printer

Vertical Deletions on a 5130 Dell Color Laser Printer

Article Summary: This article provides information on "Vertical Deletions on a 5130 Dell Color Laser Printer ".

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  1. Vertical Deletions on a Dell Color Laser Printer 5130

1. Vertical Deletions on a Dell Color Laser Printer 5130

There are 3 likely causes of a vertical deletion print quality issue (PQI) on these models- Toner, PHD Unit and Fuser. To resolve this issue the first thing we must do is rule out these consumable components.

The 20% Tests are a full page of the specific color but is only 20% Toner consistency, so may appear fainter than you would expect at 100%.

There are 4 Imaging Drum Cartridges in these Printer Models listed as C- Cyan, M- Magenta, Y- Yellow, K- Black.
  1. Print a settings page from the printer.
    To Print Settings Page:
    • Press the MENU button on the printer.
    • Press the DOWN arrow to REPORTS/LIST and press CHECKMARK button
    • Press the DOWN arrow to PRINTER SETTINGS and press CHECKMARK button
    • The Report should now Print.
  2. If Print Quality Issue (PQI) is present on settings page please turn Printer off.
  3. Print the 20% Test Pages
    • Power off the Printer
    • Press and Hold both the UP and DOWN Arrow on the Control Panel and Power the Printer back on (while holding arrow buttons).
    • 'Diagnosing' will appear on the LCD Display
    • When 'IOT Diags' is displayed on screen, press the DOWN arrow until TEST PRINTS is shown and press CHECKMARK button
    • Press the DOWN Arrow until CYAN 20% is displayed and press CHECKMARK button (press twice until LCD displays Processing).
    • Press CANCEL to go back to the TEST PRINTS screen
    • Please repeat the steps and print all four 20% Test pages for the remaining colors- Magenta 20%,, Yellow 20%, Black 20%.
    • Check the four documents for any deletions or if page is completely blank.
  4. If any one color displays the vertical deletions or is blank then the issue is with that specific Toner. Please try another toner from a working Dell Laser Printer of the same model (if available).
  5. If another working Toner is inserted and PQI recurs on one color, please try another working Imaging Drum Cartridge from stock or another Dell Laser Printer of the same model.

  6. If you have tried a new Drum and the PQI recurs please try using the cleaning rod to clean the Printhead.
  7. If PQI recurs after using the printhead cleaning rod, Please try another Fuser from a working 5130CN Dell Color Laser Printer (If available). Full instructions on Fuser removal and installation can be found in the User Guide.
  8. If issue is resolved by a working fuser or no other Fuser is available please call Dell Technical Support to advise.

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