Make a Wired Broadband Connection

Make a Wired Broadband Connection

Article Summary: This article provides information on setting up a wired network.

Table of Contents:

  1. What Is Needed for a Wired Network
  2. Set Up the Broadband Modem
  3. Set Up the Router

Issue 1. Setting up a Wired Network

To connect to the Internet, certain hardware and services are needed, which are listed below. Without any one of these items, connection to the Internet is not possible.
  • Broadband Internet Service (also known as Internet Service Providers or ISP) - Telephone companies (also known as DSL, which uses a telephone line) and cable TV companies usually offer Internet service.
  • Broadband Modem - Normally, a broadband modem can be rented or purchased from the ISP.
  • Computer with a Network Adapter - This is usually a device located inside the computer.
  • Broadband Router - A router is used to connect all of your computers to the network (but is not needed for a single computer). The router also provides a way to connect to the Internet through the Broadband Modem.

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Issue 2. Set Up the Broadband Modem
  1. Place the Broadband Modem close to where the Internet signal comes into the house or building (it should have come with a power adapter and a network cable).

    For DSL the internet signal is over a phone line, for cable the internet signal comes through the TV cable.

  2. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) should have provided an installation CD for the Modem. If so, insert the CD into the computer and follow the instructions for setting up the Modem (for additional help in setting up the Modem, contact the ISP).

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Issue 3. Set Up the Router
  1. Remove the network or USB cable that is connecting the computer to the Modem.

  2. Turn off the Modem for 3 minutes (this is necessary to make the Modem find the router).

  3. Connect the Modem to the router's Internet or WAN port using the network cable supplied with the Modem. The cable is called an Ethernet or Cat-5 (Category 5). Plug the router into the electrical outlet.

  4. The router also normally includes an Ethernet cable. Connect one end of the cable into the router's ports marked LAN and the other end into the computer.

  5. Your router should have come with an installation CD. If so, insert the CD into the computer and follow the instructions for setting up the router (for additional help in setting up the router, contact the router manufacturer).

  6. Adding another wired computer is simply a matter of running a network cable from one of the empty LAN connections on the back of the router to the back of the computer.

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