My Dell-branded W4200 or W4200 High Definition (HD) Plasma Television Is Making A Humming Noise - KB Article - 288858

My Dell-branded W4200 or W4200 High Definition (HD) Plasma Television Is Making A Humming Noise - KB Article - 288858

Noise Emitted from Plasma Televisions

Dell plasma TVs, like other electrical devices, emit noise to some degree. Depending on the amount of electrical current running through the device, a greater or lesser amount of noise may be emitted.

Bright scenes on the TV screen require additional power to be delivered to the screen in order to accurately display the image. The generation of additional power requires more electrical current, so a faint humming noise may be noticed. Dark scenes typically will not result in as much noticeable "humming" noise coming from the unit.

  • Noise may be reflected out into the listening area if your plasma TV is next to a wall.

  • Noise may be more apparent if your plasma TV is placed in a "high altitude" or an “echo-rich” environment.

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