Windows Welcome Screen Icons Too Small On High Resolution LCD Displays Such as The U3415W / P2415Q / P2715Q

Welcome Screen Icons Too Small

Windows users have encountered issues with text and icons displaying too small on high resolution displays (4k x 2k) or (5k x 3k). Changing font scaling is the solution for this issue inside windows or inside specific applications, but these fixes do not address the Windows Welcome screen.

Adjust Windows Welcome Screen Font Size

Edit the following registry value to change the size of the Windows Welcome screen

  1. Click the Start button and type regedit in the Search box. In the Results, Right Click regedit and select the Run as Administrator option.
    Navigate to the following key:

  2. Backup the value you will be changing.
  3. (Right-click the Fonts key in the left pane, select Export on the drop down list that appears. In the Save As dialog box, select the Desktop as the save in location. In the File Name box type LogonBackup. Click the Save button. If anything goes wrong, you can go to the Desktop, right-click the LogonBackup.reg file and select Merge to restore the registry value to it's original value.
  4. After completing the registry backup, in the right side pane, double-click the LogPixels value. In the Edit dialog box, change the 2 digit Hexadecimal value using the following guide.

    60 -(100% Font Size) - Default size
    78 -(125% Font Size)
    90 -(150% Font Size)
    A8 - (175%) Font Size)
    C0 - (200%) Font Size)
    120 - (300%) Font Size)
  5. Click OK to save the setting then exit the Registry editor and restart the computer to test the results.

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